Mini Living Lab

We are building a brand new Mini Living Lab at Hamburg University of Technology which will be ultimately open to public! Our Mini Living Lab will be extensively used in our teaching and research activities relevant to Climate Informed Engineering. This provides a platform for explorations of emerging ideas and innovative concepts.

The Mini Living Lab offers an opportunity to combine sensing technology, big data acquisition and analysis, climate information and a variety of environmental and engineering topics related to soil, water, climate, wind, energy and sustainable resource management to train a new generation of Climate Informed Engineers. Additionally, it plays an active role in our research presenting a user-centered platform and a promising possibility to tailor engineering solutions, devices, and sensors informed by climate information.

Our Mini Living Lab, currently under development, is located at:

Address Ellernweg

21079 Hamburg

53°28'30.9"N 9°56'03.9"E

If you are interested in joining the measurement campaign at our Mini Living Lab, including running your own experiment or donation of devices & sensors to be used in the Mini Living Lab, please contact us via:

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