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Lecture: Wastewater Systems - Collection, Treatment and Reuse
Untertitel: Module: Wastewater Systems
DozentIn: Prof. Dr. Ing. Ralf Otterpohl, M. Sc Marcel Hasselder
Veranstaltungstyp: Vorlesung (Lehre)

•Understanding the global situation with water and wastewater •Regional planning and decentralised systems
•Overview on innovative approaches
•In depth knowledge on advanced wastewater treatment options for different situations, for end-of-pipe and reuse
•Mathematical Modelling of Nitrogen Removal

•Exercises with calculations and design

Henze, Mogens:
Wastewater Treatment: Biological and Chemical Processes, Springer 2002, 430 pages
George Tchobanoglous, Franklin L. Burton, H. David Stensel:
Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Reuse, Metcalf & Eddy
McGraw-Hill, 2004 - 1819 pages

Ort: (N-ES40 Raum 0007)
Semester: SoSe 19
Zeiten: Do. 09:45 - 12:15 (wöchentlich)
Erster Termin: Do , 11.04.2019 09:45 - 12:15, Ort: (N-ES40 Raum 0007)
Veranstaltungsnummer: 29546_S19
ECTS-Kreditpunkte: 2
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