Research projects

LbL-ModifikationLbL-modification of UF-capillary membranes
ChromatentfernungChromium removal through iron reductive precipitation in drinking water treatment
COL_ExDVGW project: Removal of dissolved organic carbon from groundwater containing humic acids (decolorization) – possible applications and limits of treatment processes (COL_EX)
SULEMANBMWi-cooperation project: Treatment of groundwater with increased sulfate concentration: innovative options and limits of resource and energy efficient drinking water management (SULEMAN)
Zeta-MembranInfluence of surface potential of conductive polymer membranes (ZETA-Membrane) on the fouling- and separation behavior in water treatment
ArsenenfernungArsenic removal
KonTriSolBMBF Collaborative research project: Concentrates from drinking water treatment - approaches to solving the technical, legal and economic obstacles to the use of NF/RO processes in drinking water treatment
Selmo-HFSelective Oxy-anion Removal from Drinking Waters by modified Hollow Fiber Membranes
MoDiConOnline monitoring and digital control in drinking water supply systems
SCOUTDVGW Innovations Scouting Water