TUNE Manual for students

 Information on exam registration from 1 to 14 December 2021.

Important information for the course allocation in winter semester 2021/22 and the interaction of TUNE and Stud.IP

In TUNE, a distinction is made between courses (including tutorials, seminars, internships, etc.) for which enrollment is required due to space restrictions and "open" courses.

- For the courses with space restrictions, there are different procedures for the allocation of places and enrollment.
For the exercises in the basic subjects (mathematics, mechanics,...) as well as for certain practical courses, the place allocation procedures take place in TUNE.

- The enrollment of courses in the Non-Technical Offer (NTA) takes place via a special procedure in Stud.IP.

- Since the language courses at TUHH are conducted in cooperation with external providers, registration and placement take place via special online forms.
For students in the English-language Master's programs, special Master's German courses are offered, which are a mandatory part of the program. Information and the online registration form can be found here.

Information and the link for registration and placement for the general language courses can be found here.

Please also see the information on credit for language courses at NTA .

- For the "open" courses, the "Apply" function is used to add them to your individual schedule.

- If Stud.IP is used for the course, you must also register for the course there.

Assignment of courses: A look into the system

The allocation of courses takes place in the "Planner of studies with Module plan". You can find your current study plan as well as the examination regulations here.


Please then click on "Planner of studies with Module plan" "Show module plan", study semester "All", winter semester 2021 and also select "Expand all":


Please click on "Apply" for the desired courses. In the case of an "open course", the booking will then appear in the "Schedule" (under "My studies").


 If desired, you can deregister by clicking on "Sign off":


Here you can see an example of a group exercise for which a place allocation procedure is carried out. There are 22 group appointments available. Please note that a time period is defined for the allocation and therefore an allocation before the start time is not possible. In this example, the procedure starts on 06.09.2021.


Clicking on "Apply" opens the screen with the appointments. Here you can prioritize your desired dates in the "Actions" column. Please note that the prioritization only becomes visible when you click on the "Priority" field.



 Please note that additional Stud.IP registration may be required.