Advisory Board


  • Approval of the election or deselection of the President,
  • Election or deselection of the Chancellor,
  • Approval of the Charter and the regulations governing quality assessment procedures,
  • Resolution, in agreement with the Senate, on structural and development plans and their updates,
  • Resolution on the basic principles governing facilities and the allocation of resources,
  • Approval of business plans,
  • Acceptance of the Presidium’s annual report,


Walter Conrads is a past chairman of the Philips GmbH Supervisory Board. From 2001 to 2005 he was the company’s management spokesman, having previously been the Philips CEO for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 2005 the Bad Kösen, Saxony-Anhalt, born engineer was awarded the Federal Order of Merit, First Class, in Hamburg for his “exemplary professional and voluntary services.” He has been at the helm of the TUHH’s Advisory Board ever since it was founded in 2003. Conrads studied engineering at the RTWH Aachen University. He plays golf and the guitar, has two adult children and lives with his wife in Hamburg.


August-Wilhelm Henningsen is a past CEO of Lufthansa Technik. He studied mechanical engineering in Braunschweig and began his career in 1979 as a systems engineer at Deutsche Lufthansa in Hamburg. After a term in Frankfurt/Main he returned to Hamburg as head of the Aircraft Cabins and Systems department. In 1991 he assumed responsibility for the general overhaul of the Boeing 737 fleet in Berlin and, from 1993, for Equipment Maintenance at Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg. From 1997 to 2000 he was General Manager of Ameco Beijing in Peking. Until 2015 he was responsible on the Lufthansa Technik AG Executive Board for the Product and Service division in Hamburg.

Dr. Anka Mulder studied history at the University of Groningen, where she went on to teach international relations. After spells in Brussels and Vienna she was appointed a head of department at the ROI Dutch Institute for Public Administration. From November 2004 to April 2013 she was Director of Education and Student Affairs at the TU in Delft. In 2008 she joined the Executive Board of the international OpenCourseWare consortium, serving as its President from 2011 to 2013. The consortium is the largest international organization in the field of free online education provision in the form of complete courses. From July 2011 until April 2014 she combined the post of director with the Executive Board management. She is also a member of the edX Consortium, a large online platform set up by Harvard and the MIT in 2012. Since April 2013 she has been Vice-President for Education and Operations at the TU in Delft.

Sibylle Stauch-Eckmann was born and grew up in Kronach, Franconia, and studied business engineering at the TU in Darmstadt. She began her career in 1995 at Drägerwerk AG in Lübeck, relocating a year later to Drägerwerk GmbH in Essen and later t the company’s Bielefeld site. In 2002 she joined the Endo-Klinik, which she managed from 2005 until February 2016. She has since chaired the Executive Board of the Ober Scharrer Group.

Michael Westhagemann was born and grew up in Beckum, near Münster, trained and qualified as a power current electrician and studied computer science in Paderborn. Since 1976 his highly regarded career has taken him from a job as works electrician at the Readymix cement works in Beckum to the post of CEO Northern Region, Siemens AG, in Hamburg (until 2017). His further positions include VP Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, Presidium and Executive Board member Unternehmensverbände Nord, State Chair Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland, Nordmetall/Nordverbund employers’ association, Nordmetall Foundation, CEO of the Association for the Promotion of the Renewables Cluster and CEO of the Industrieverband Hamburg.