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around 130,000 worldwide

Recruited fields of study:
General Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Systems, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering & Manufacturing, Mechatronics, Mathematics, Manufacturing Engineering, Engineering, Robotics, Automatic Systems

Company profile:
Airbus is one of the most innovative and successful companies in the aerospace and defence industry. As a pioneer of innovative technologies, Airbus Commercial manufactures the most cutting edge and comprehensive commercial aircraft family. The Airbus Company employs some 130,000 people of 130 different nationalities at nearly 180 locations all over the world. Airbus’ strong German roots provide important impetus to growth and competitiveness - for the Airbus Company and for Germany as an industrial location.

About the internship:
The fascinating aspects of an internship with Airbus are working on a broad range of topics as well as in close vicinity to our amazing products. Putting acquired knowledge into practice each day anew. Learning about jobs at first hand, being inspired and developing valuable contacts within the company. Working autonomously and on your own initiative on exciting national and international topics, thus learning to take responsibility at an early stage. Naturally, a competent contact will also be available to provide assistance. Do you feel like getting some Airbus air? We look forward to hearing from you!

Current Internships:
Digital Twin for Factory of Tomorrow

Identity Management Padawan Support
Automation of manufacturing cells – fuselage

New offer:
Corporate Innovation Lab “ProtoSpace”

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