Lufthansa Technik AG

Building a web-based portfolio for IT logistic services

Description of the company
Lufthansa Technik is the worldwide leading independent provider of maintenance, repair, overhaul and modification services for civil aircraft. With tailored maintenance programs and state-of-the-art repair methods we ensure the durable reliability and availability of our customers’ aircraft fleets. We are an internationally-licensed maintenance, production and development company. With its six business units (Maintenance, Overhaul, Component Services, Engine Services, Landing Gear Services, and VIP Services and Innovation) the Lufthansa Technik Group offers its approximate 800 customers worldwide, a complete range of services round about aircraft technology.
One central department of LHT is Information Management with its primary customers:
Lufthansa Technik Logistik GmbH and Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services GmbH are strongly expanding companies in the growth industry of logistics. With more than 1,000 employees worldwide we develop trend-setting logistics solutions for the aviation industry. Our product portfolio comprises the entire range of spare parts logistics, from highly-specialized engine transports to a global network of distribution solutions.

Initial situation

Incoming project inquiries have neither a standardized format nor a uniform way of reaching the project managers. A customer-accessible overview of all services and solutions offered does not exist.
Currently there is no consolidated overview of past projects or basis for calculations which could assist the project managers in preparing project quotes and carrying out the projects themselves

This situation of unprecise customer inquiries via differing channels leads to a loss of time and resources. Finding the right contacts might be tiresome time-consuming dialogues may arise.
Quite late in the process does the customer get a sense for the timeframe and monetary scope.
The project manager has to consult various sources of knowledge to gain information on past projects. Partially known cost calculations have to be remade.

Aims of the project
The goal of the project is the creation of a web-based IT service portfolio for logistics.
The tool should generate a standardized request including relevant information. Furthermore, the customer should receive a rough estimation concerning the scope of the project predictions based on existing IT services. Systematic questions should extract the customers’ needs in the first step.
The project leader can extract standardized and relevant information from the initial contact. In addition, first information for designing the project plan are provided. Based on preceding projects a valid calculation is made possible.

»    Market Analysis        benchmarking: How do other companies operate?
»    IT-Concept                 technical implementation and data description
»    Mock-Up                    design und implementation proposals
»    Implementation        programming and integration into IT landscape
»    Potential Analysis     further functions and application areas

Target group (students)
Students with structured methods of working and knowledge in computer science and logistics are requested. If possible, students should have gained initial experiences of working with databases and programming in Java as well as experiences with or interest in agile project management. The abilities to empathise with the perspective and needs of the users as well as to organize, prioritize and structure data has high relevance for successful completion of the project.

Please reserve these dates:

  • 11 April: Information event with te companies, from 10am to 12pm, mainbuilding A; LuK
  • 18 April: Kick-off event, from 2pm to 6pm (obligatory attendance)
  • 21 and 28 April: Project management course, full day (obligatory attendance)