Fishing for Experience@TUHH

Would you like to gain useful experience in preparation for your career by means of a bona fide business project alongside your studies? If you would, then Fishing for Experience has plenty to offer. You will become acquainted with entrepreneurial issues and will work on them in interdisciplinary project groups of around six people. In the process you will apply the specialized knowledge you have learned, you will learn project management in practical use, and you may be able to make initial professional contacts for your future career.

Please note: The descriptions of the projects are in German, because for participation, at least German knowledge of Level B1 is required, better would be B2. In individual cases, it can be possible to participate with a lower German level - please feel free to contact us directly!

You can apply here.

The projectideas of the upcoming wintersemester are:

Projekt 1AverdungProject Controlling
Projekt 2BeiersdorfProject 2 - BeiersdorfSupply Chain – Model-based Design of future Network structure & material flows
Projekt 3CargonexxAufbau eines anbieterneutralen Ökosystems in der LKW-Branche
Projekt 4DeloitteDesign/Konzeption einer Smart Factory aus IT Sicherheitssicht
Projekt 5D.Med HealthcareImplementation of an automatic hydraulic concentrate mixing system for the production of a dialysis fluid
Projekt 6Hamburg WasserEntwicklung eines zukunftsfähigen, bedarfsgerechten und effizienten Mobilitätskonzeptes für das Unternehmen
Projekt 7Hamburger HochbahnWeiterentwicklung einer hochwertigen ÖPNV-Erschließung im Spannungsfeld zwischen historischer und neuer Infrastruktur
Projekt 8Lufthansa TechnikDisign and construct an innovative handling technology for engine overhaul
Projekt 9msg systemsEntwicklung eines Prototypen für die Logistik mit AR/VR Technologie
Projekt 10Walberg Urban ElectricsKompakte eMobilitätkonzepte in der Stadt der Zukunft

You can find all finished projects in the archive of projects.

We at the Career Center will support you throughout the course (for around 100 hours per person from April  through September), offering you in addition to a project management workshop extra formats and consulting facilities to enable you to train your career-relevant key competences. Our partner companies are from the Hamburg metropolitan region and are, for the most part, MINT industry enterprises. They range from SME (small and medium-sized business), “hidden champions” and renowned corporations to creative startups.

Here at a glance are our offerings for TUHH students and graduates in all disciplines:

  • Project management workshop
  • Transmission of career-relevant key competences
  • Innovative practical projects
  • Project work in interdisciplinary international teams
  • Consulting accompaniment of project groups
  • Career promotion
  • Individual advice
  • Participation free of charge

For Companies

This practical program is of interest for companies in the Hamburg metropolitan region because it brings them into contact with qualified and committed potential recruits.  

Are you on the lookout for innovative and creative solutions to an existing problem? Or would you like to get to know – a little off the beaten track – highly qualified and committed potential recruits? Interdisciplinary project teams consisting of TUHH students and graduates will work independently under your supervision on your business project – a project for which you may lack in-house resources, time and/or manpower.

If you as a company in the Hamburg metropolitan region are interested in taking part, just contact us. We are happy to advise and support you at all stages of the project.

We would love to welcome you as a new Fishing for Experience corporate partner!

Fishing for Experience was highly successful from 2010 to 2016 as a cross-university pilot project of the Hamburg Career Services network. From the 2016/17 winter semester the TUHH is running the program. The Hamburg network project Fishing for Experience was presented in detail in February 2016 at the "Arbeit der Zukunft: Wie sieht Arbeit in Zukunft aus? - Herausforderungen, Chancen, Ideen" conference. Click here for podcasts of the presentation. For details of the first round of projects visit and Fishing for Experience.

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Contacts at the TUHH Career Center:

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