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around 130,000 worldwide

Airbus is interested in students who are majoring in one of the following specializations

General Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Systems, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering & Manufacturing, Mechatronics, Mathematics, Manufacturing Engineering, Engineering, Robotics, Automatic Systems

Airbus is interested in interviews regarding

- Direct Entry at Airbus
- Internships, Workings Student Positions, Final Year hesis

Expectations towards the participants of the Career Forum

When visiting our Airbus career booth, students can expect some extensive consulting which is focusing on their individual background and needs. At the same time, we appreciate when students prepare themselves and collect some information about Airbus and potential job offers in advance. This engagement on both sites contributes to successful exchanges and fruitful discussions with regards to particular job offers they are interested in.

Company profile

Airbus is one of the most innovative and successful companies in the aerospace and defence industry. As a pioneer of innovative technologies, Airbus Commercial manufactures the most cutting edge and comprehensive commercial aircraft family. The Airbus Company employs some 130,000 people of 130 different nationalities at nearly 180 locations all over the world. Airbus’ strong German roots provide important impetus to growth and competitiveness - for the Airbus Company and for Germany as an industrial location.


Contact Person

Ingrid Röcker; Employment Markting

Airbus would like to give you the opportunity to apply for specific job offers in the individual interview at the Career Forum. Here you will find the links: (Job offer 1Job offer 2Job offer 3Job offer 4) or at the career website of Airbus.

Application Tip: Apply to all companies that interest you. If you do not receive a one-to-one interview, you have the opportunity to get in touch with your preferred company on the day of the event. Each company will be represented with a stand in the foyer of the main building.

Application deadline: 01.05.2019

The following companies are also represented at the Career Forum 2019: