Finding and Applying for an internship

You should start looking for an internship between three and twelve months before your planned start date. The exact timeframe depends on your individual plans. You should think about whether you want to do an internship with a particular company or do an internship abroad early on. While many smaller companies do not have deadlines for internship applications, large companies with particularly sought-after internships and foreign companies sometimes have application deadlines up to a year before the internship begins. It is generally sufficient however to look for a suitable internship position three to six months before your planned start date.

Please register for the Stud.IP course "Fachpraktikum AIW/GES" when you start your search.

"Alles rund ums Praktikum" (All about internships) workshop

During the workshop, career coach Oliver Braust will prepare you for the internship application process. You will learn about the different stages of the internship search process. For those who are new to job hunting and job applications, the workshop is also an opportunity to identify subjects you might have an interest in specialising in.  The following questions will be covered:

  • Where can I find an internship?
  • Which internship is right for me?
  • How do I apply for an internship?
  • What should an application letter and CV look like?
  • What should I consider if making a speculative application?
  • What do I do in an interview?
  • Which additional support services are there? Where can I get advice?

Places are reserved for AIW and GES students in the fifth or higher semesters. Any remaining places can be given to other students. Registration is required. Please note that the main language of the workshop is German. In summer semester 2019, you can choose from the following dates:


Further support with searching and applying for internships

After you have attended the “Alles rund ums Praktikum” (All about internships) workshop, you can build on your individual preparation by taking up the many opportunities offered by the Career Center. Below, you can find selected opportunities from the semester programme, organised according to the stages of the internship search process. Please note the main language of the events below is German (unless otherwise stated).

Finding an internship
 Preparing your application documents
 Feedback on application documents

The Career Center offers application check consultations

  • You can sign up for an application check consultation on the Career Center website.
  • Application check consultations are also available at various company fairs, including the TUHH Career Forum and the stellenwerk job fair.
  • You can also arrange an appointment by emailing career.service(at) 
Practising interviews

Contact us

You did not find what you were looking for? Please contact:

Eilika Schwenke, e-mail: career.service(at), Tel.: 040-42878-6190