Jobs and career paths for engineers: Company Contact Events

It is sometimes difficult to keep track of job opportunities and make decisions about your career path alongside the demands of studying. During the AIW and GES courses, your chosen specialisation provides an opportunity to use your first semesters at the TUHH to make initial contact with potential employers and to be inspired by TUHH alumni who have already made these decisions. Below, we have outlined events run by the TUHH Career Center and others, which are designed to help you get an overview early on of the workplaces you might like to learn more about during your advanced internship. If you prepare well and are lucky, you may be able to find an advanced internship through the contacts made at this point. You can also find these and other potentially interesting opportunities in the current TUHH Career Center semester programme and the list of opportunities to meet companies.

Please note that the main language of the events listed below is German (unless otherwise stated).

Information events

Information events at the TUHH where you can come into contact with companies and alumni.

Fishing for Experience information event
Wednesday, 03.04.2019TUHHPresentation by the companies participating in the coming semester. Language: English, German
Alumni panel discussion - aviation industry
Tuesday, 07.05.2019TUHH

Panel discussion with speakers who have taken different career paths in the aviation industry.

Hamburger Bautag 2019Wednesday, 26.06.2019TUHHForum between science and practice in the construction industry including contact fair for students. Organized by the FSR BaU.
Information Event GES Wednesday, 03.07.2019TUHHInformation regarding the specialisations in GES and about the advanced internship.
Prof-Grill/ Industry Experience DayWednesday, 10.07.2019TUHHMeet potential employers in process engineering in a relaxed atmosphere at the barbecue. Organized by the FSR VT.

Company visits

The Career Center and the TUHH’s alumni network TU&YOU organise “Career Paths” events during which TUHH alumni show students their place of work, provide insights into their career and answer questions about career entry.

CompaniesEvent in summer semester 2019DateLocationNotes
Nordischer Maschinenbau Rud. Baader GmbH & Co.KGExcursion to Baader with dual@TUHH

Wednesday, 10.04.2019

LübeckParticularly for electrical engineering, IT, mechanical engineering
McKinsey & Company, Inc.Career Paths: TUHH@McKinseyThursday, 25.04.2019HamburgAll specialisations
Philips GmbHCareer Paths: TUHH@PhilipsThursday, 16.05.2019HamburgParticularly for electrical engineering, IT, medical engineering, mechanical engineering
NXP Semiconductors Germany GmbHCareer Paths: TUHH@NXPWednesday, 29.05.2019HamburgParticularly for electrical engineering, IT
Bundesdruckerei GmbHCareer Paths: TUHH@BundesdruckereiWednesday, 03.07.2019HamburgAll specialisations
Lufthansa Technik AGCareer Paths: TUHH@LufthansaTechnikThursday, 04.07.2019Hamburg

Particularly for electrical engineering, mechanical engineering

Company fairs

Company fairs are an opportunity for you to meet company representatives. The programme generally includes application check consultations, application photos or the opportunity to be interviewed by the companies (if you have registered).

Company fairDateLocationNotes
Career ForumWednesday, 22.05.2019TUHH, Buildung A

All specialisations

Language: English, German

Stellenwerk job fair
Tuesday, 04.06.-Thursday, 06.06.2019

University of Hamburg


All specialisations

Language: English, German

bonding FirmenkontaktmesseTuesday, 12.11.- Wednesday, 13.11.2019TUHH, Schwarzenberg

All specialisations

Language: English, German

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