Information on Covid-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) and its effects on the TUHH

Update: July 9, 2020

A presidential instruction on the regular operation of the TU Hamburg under pandemic conditions together with the framework hygiene concept of 2 July 2020 applies.

The operation of the Hamburg University of Technology will only take place in university buildings if safe operation can be guaranteed by appropriate COVID-19-specific hygiene and protection measures. This applies to all scientific and non-scientific areas. The principle applies that, in the event of on-site management, a risk assessment coordinated with the staff unit Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection - AUG - must be prepared by the managers responsible on site before the start of operation. It must be in accordance with the hygiene concept of the TUHH. Work on the campus, including return from the home office, can only be resumed once the above-mentioned protective measures have been implemented in the respective areas.

All areas of the Hamburg University of Technology are accessible to students and staff with the above restrictions. All local restrictions are to be indicated (notice board, digital information).

The most important at a glance

  • The University Library of the TUHH (tub.) is open from Monday to Friday from 15 - 21 o'clock for self-lending and return of media. Individual workstations can be reserved for TUHH students: Further information can be found in the tub blog.
  • The cafés of the Studierendenwerk are closed until further notice. University sports will resume from 8 July 2020, while ensuring health protection. The Pizzapoint in the Mensa Harburg is again open daily from 11:00 to 16:00 for out-of-home sales. The regulations for hygiene and avoidance of contact apply.
  • In accordance with the Hamburg SARS-CoV-2 Containment Ordinance, travel returnees from the currently identified risk countries for which a travel warning exists are obliged to immediately enter domestic quarantine for 14 days even without a quarantine order. For travel warnings and daily updated information on the development of the pandemic, please also see
  • Robert Koch Institute
    Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Government
  • Important dates for the start of the summer semester 2020: According to current planning by the KMK, BWFG and TUHH
    28 July 2020: End of lectures of the SoSe 2020
    29 July to 9 October 2020: Review period of the SoSe 2020
    1 October 2020: Start of the winter semester 2020/2021
    1 November 2020: Start of lectures WS 2020/2021
    31 March 2021: End of WS 2020/21

Important information about the winter semester 2020/21:

The winter semester 2020/21 will be conducted as a hybrid. The planning is based on the requirement that a minimum distance of 1.5 m must still be maintained. The following therefore applies to the hybrid winter semester 2020/21:

  • All courses with more than 25 participants are offered exclusively in digital form. As in this summer semester, internships and laboratories are an exception to this rule.
  • With the exception of lectures, as many courses of the first semester as possible should be held in attendance. In this way we want to support our new students as much as possible when they start their studies. This may mean that courses have to be offered several times.
  • If suitable rooms are available, courses with up to 25 participants can be held in attendance. The Academic and Student Services are working intensively on room planning and will send out an overview of attendance courses in the near future.
  • Non-technical courses and language courses will, without exception, be held digitally.

Information for all members of TUHH

Information on the use of the library, computer center and the canteen  (Update: July 1, 2020)

TU Library: Use, opening hours and access

Computer Center: Use, opening hours and access

Canteen: Opening hours and access, menus


Cancellation of all events from external organizers until further notice (Update July 2, 2020)
Events from external organizers are still not approved. In-house events with external participation can be applied for if an appropriate hygiene concept and a risk assessment is submitted. Business events and meetings outside of teaching and research can be requested and approved under the same conditions as internal events. However, alternative formats should always be examined in advance as alternatives, such as telephone or video conferences, webinars, online events. Lists of participants should be kept for indispensable sessions that cannot be moved or conducted virtually. This ensures that potential contact persons can be identified quickly afterwards.

Information for Employees

Home Office (Updated July 2, 2020)
Working in a home office can be arranged for risk groups and in other exceptional cases, e.g. if the distance and hygiene rules cannot be observed, in consultation with and in accordance with the instructions of the supervisor. This requires individual written determination and approval by the superior.
Travel ban (Update July 2, 2020)
Until further notice, a business travel ban for all TU Hamburg employees applies only to travel to areas for which current travel warnings exist.

Information for Students

General Questions about TUHH’s Studies (Update July 2, 2020)
  • How will things progress in WiSe 2020/21? Will the winter semester also be digital? (Status 23.4.)
    We hope that we will be able to conduct WiSe 2020/21 in the form of face-to-face classes again. However, this depends on the development of the pandemic. By resolution of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs, the lecture period of the winter semester 2020/21 will not begin until 1.11.2020. However, the semester will begin regularly on 1.10.2020. Therefore, re-registration is required on 15.9.
  • Are there perhaps alternative possibilities to the basic internship, as it is not really possible to do this at the moment. Or can it be made possible to register for the Bachelor thesis before then? (Status 23.4.)
    We are currently looking into alternative possibilities to the basic internship. A solution is being worked on under high pressure.
  • What happens if you are unable to take your last exam in your studies due to the examination suspension? Do I have to re-register for the next semester? What is the current date for re-registration?
    The re-registration date is 15.07.2020. There is therefore an extension of the re-registration deadline. Re-registration is recommended for all students.
  • Is there an extension of the re-registration deadline for the SoSe 2020 for those who cannot graduate now or whose exams had to be postponed to a later date?
    Yes, for this group of students there is an extension of the re-registration deadline to 15.07.2020.
    For enrolment when first starting a course at the TUHH or after an interruption of studies, the enrolment deadline is 20.04.2020.
  • Do you already know how the KP2 will work out? 

    The construction project II will take place according to the schedule in Stud.IP. The schedule of the "topic-related consultation hours" and "general question hours" as well as current information will be announced via Stud.IP. For further questions please contact the KP II team at kp2(at)
  • Is it currently possible to do the internship in several sections under 4 weeks? 
    If the internship regulations do not regulate anything, please contact the internship office directly. This office decides on the recognition of an internship.
Questions about Final and Doctoral Theses (Update June 8, 2020)
  • Now that the deadlines for submission of final papers have been extended again, will my submission on 2 June also be affected? (Status 23.4.2020)
    The deadline for all work to be submitted by 24.5. inclusive has been extended to 25.5.2020. If the submission date of your work is after 26.5., the submission must be on the date of the deadline.
  • Can the deadline for submitting theses be extended if the closure of libraries, CIP pools etc. has an impact on the quality of the work in question? (Status April 17, 2020)
    The deadline for submitting theses is again postponed to 25.05.2020. Those who wish to submit their theses before 25.05.2020 can submit their theses by post. In individual cases, you should seek advice from the examiner.
  • Is it still possible to carry out experiments in the pilot plant or in laboratories? If not: What happens if this means that the timetable for Bachelor's or Master's theses cannot be kept to? (Status May 12, 2020)
    Laboratory work, internships, etc. which are to be carried out as part of project, bachelor or master theses or as other academic work, can be carried out in accordance with the above-mentioned RVO § 20 paragraph 2, taking into account appropriate hygiene and protective measures.
    In general, the legal regulation of the senate applies. Section 20, paragraph 2 of the RVO states: "University closure does not apply to the preparation of written examination papers under supervision, to oral and practical examinations and to practical courses which require special laboratory or work rooms at the universities. These may be carried out under observance of appropriate hygiene and protective measures." Please contact your supervisor in this regard.
  • What effects must I expect on the course of my doctoral studies? Is the postal delivery of my documents to the office of the PhD Committee, which is now closed to the public, still guaranteed? Can timely submission by e-mail be made possible? Will the scheduled meetings of the relevant committees take place?
    For the time being, it is assumed that postal delivery should still work. However, given the current dynamics of the restrictions, further restrictions are to be expected. Therefore, it is necessary that all open questions are clarified individually with the respective doctoral supervisor or doctoral committee.
  • Is it currently still possible to have theses printed in the Campus Shop? 
    Yes, according to the shop website, but the opening hours are shorter.
  • Will there be consultation hours on DFNconf or a similar platform? 
    This should be discussed individually with the lecturers. There is no central planning for this.
  • Is it still possible to register a student work (without laboratory)? 
    Yes, this is still possible.
  • Do final papers still have to be submitted in bound form? 
    Yes, the ASPO regulations apply here.
  • What about the deadlines for submissions before 20 April?
    All deadlines are extended until 20.04.2020. If you wish, you can still hand in your documents before that date, but only by post. See FAQs.
  • Can lectures/final presentations/colloquia for Bachelor's/Master's theses or project work still take place?
    These examination formats cannot take place in classroom form. An individual examination, e.g. via DFNconf or similar, can be arranged with the examiners.
  • What about the last exam/study performance before graduation? Do I have to re-register here or are there exceptions via DFNconf or similar?
    If the last performance is the presentation of the bachelor/master thesis, this can be done via DFNconf etc. if the examiners agree.
  • Can I hand in my thesis at the examination office?
    The TUHH is still in basic operation. Building E is still closed and the Examination Office can only be reached by email. It is therefore not possible to hand in theses in person. Please send us your final theses by post.
  • Is the entire Building E closed or do I have the opportunity to personally drop off my thesis in the mailbox in the entrance area?
    No. The entire Building E is closed. Therefore, please send us your thesis by post.
  • Is it possible to drop my thesis personally in a post box at the examination office at the university (as I will be there anyway to print my thesis)?
    No, please send us your thesis by post.
  • Is it possible to send the thesis as registered mail if no one is on site?
    All mail arrives at the central mailroom and is then distributed. Also registered mail. There are always some employees from the Examination Office on site, so that registered mail can be received via the post office.
  • Is the following address correct for postal delivery? Technische Universität Hamburg - Zentrales Prüfungsamt, Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 3, 21073 Hamburg
  • Does the postmark count as the date of submission or the actual arrival of the thesis?
    As is the case with certificates and applications, the date of arrival at the Examination Office counts as the date of submission. However, as long as the TUHH is in basic operation, an additional 4 days will be granted due to the mail run for a timely arrival. Example: Deadline for submission is June 8, 2020; if the arrival at the Examination Office takes place up to and including June 12, 2020, this will be accepted as being in due time.
Contact addresses
The function mailboxes are:
What are the consequences of these developments for students' stays abroad (in general all stays abroad/f.e. in the ERASMUS Programme)? (Update April 20, 2020)

To our outgoing students who are currently in partner countries and want to cancel their stay or have already cancelled it:

The Federal Foreign Office has issued a worldwide travel warning, albeit primarily for tourist trips. Students who are abroad should keep in mind that the number of regular travel connections is currently declining rapidly and travel restrictions are increasing worldwide. Please inform yourself and take advantage of the remaining return travel options to Germany. Be sure to sign up for the Foreign Office's “Elefand list”, so that you can be considered for return promotions (and please remove your registration once you have returned to Germany).

Many of our partner universities offer online courses, therefore physical presence is not necessary. As an ERASMUS student, participation in these courses can be counted as part of the sponsored ERASMUS stay, regardless of whether you are in Germany or in the host country. In the end, you will have to get a confirmation for both the time of physical presence and online study.

If you cancel your stay abroad, you can still receive the full ERASMUS funding originally granted, if you can prove the additional costs caused by the cancellation. In this case, the minimum stay of 3 months does not apply.

There are regulations on how the costs of DAAD, PROMOS or ISAP programs are being borne by the Mobility Fund.

An emergency fund has been set up for students who have gone abroad without funding and who have now high costs due to cancelation.

The International Office is currently developing a procedure to process your applications. Therefore, please be patient with the application but collect all the evidence that you can, for example, for any additional costs like residence times and university closings.

If you have further questions, please contact the International Office. You can find the contact details on our website.

  • What consequences do these developments have for a stay abroad (for example in the ERASMUS programme) of students?

    • As an ERASMUS student, participation in these courses can be counted as part of the sponsored ERASMUS stay, regardless of whether you are in Germany or in the host country. At the end of your exchange, you will have to get a confirmation for both the time of physical presence and online study.
      If you cancel your stay abroad, you can still receive the full ERASMUS funding originally granted, if you can prove the additional costs caused by the cancellation. In this case, the minimum stay of 3 months does not apply.
    • For students receiving funding from the TUHH Mobility Fund or the DAAD programmes PROMOS and ISAP there are regulations in place now on how to fund students' additional costs.
    • For students who have done a study related stay abroad without any funding and who are also facing additional high costs an emergency fund has been set up.
    The International Office is currently developing a procedure to process your applications. Therefore, please be patient with the processing of your application. Please be sure to collect all available evidence of additional costs, length of stay, university closures (for example emails, screenshots, travel tickets, bookings, flight/connection overviews, prices, receipts, or similar. You can now submit your informal application by email to

    We have explained on our website what you should bear in mind.
Students from abroad or students returning from abroad (Update July 2, 2020)
For travel warnings and daily updated information on the development of the pandemic, please also see

Robert Koch-Institut

Auswärtiges Amt der Bundesregierung:

In principle, the affected students are obliged to inform themselves about the need for a domestic quarantine both before and after a stay abroad, if necessary by consulting the responsible health authority. 

Information for Prospective Students

FAQs for prospective students (Update July 2, 2020)
  • Will there be an NC this year?
    Admission to most of the TUHH's courses of study is not regulated by an NC. This means that no specific grade point average is required for admission. Further information can be found here.
  • Will the winter semester 2020/21 also be postponed?
    No, the start of the winter semester is October 1, but the lecture period does not begin until November 1.
  • Will the application deadlines be extended/postponed?
    Since the start of the lecture period has been postponed to 1st November, there will be a modified application phase, which runs until 20th August 2020 for the Bachelor's programmes.

    For the Master's programmes, the application deadline remains 15.7.2020. For the international Master's programmes, applications are no longer possible. The deadline already ended in March.  

  • Are there online offers for preparation courses?
    Yes, they have been available for several years.
    MINT FIT Hamburg
  • How can I inform myself online about a TUHH study programme?
    You will find important information about the TUHH on the following TUHH and the study opportunities on the following pages:
    You can also find helpful tips on choosing a course of study and career on the following website of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit.
  • Which online courses in the MINT field does the TUHH offer?
    All online courses for pupils from grade 4 up to the Upper School and beyond can be found on the page TUHH macht Schule.
  • Is there an online student advisory service?
    The monthly prospective students' round table for your questions about the Bachelor's programmes is currently online. Further information and system requirements can be found here.

  • Is there a student advisory service by phone?
    The student advisory service is happy to advise you on questions of study orientation, also by e-mail or telephone (Tel.: 040/428 78-2232).