Greeting from the Vice President of Academic Affairs

Aside from sound professional competency, creativity and inspiration are essential to our students. They are part of a future shaped by the conditions of continual and fast paced technological transitions and ever greater interconnectivity. Accordingly, it is our task to enable them to overcome complex challenges in a collaborative and socially responsible manner. Individuals that can think critically, propose and enact creative solutions and reflect on the context in which their work is done are in worldwide demand.

Increasing Student Retention and Success - Improving the Quality of Studies

The education at TUHH is tailored to help students face the tasks and challenges of a complex, ever changing, and increasingly interwoven world. Our main strategy for doing so is by focusing on the quality of teaching and developing strategies to improve student retention and success. For this, both subject and competence-oriented structures are being constructed and embedded in the study programs.

Research and Teaching as One Entity

Here the concept of research-based learning is the focus. The concept imparts knowledge and skills on students through, and informed by, the active participation in research. Methods for active, project-based and media supported learning are integral parts of the curriculum.

Central Projects

Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning (ZLL) is one of Germany’s most respected centers for engineering education. Its goal: the science-based development of contemporary teaching methodology in the engineering sciences – not only for the Hamburg University of Technology  (TUHH), but for the professional community in general.


mytrack provides individualized study paths for students enrolled in Bachelor programs. These programs offer students an individual study schedule, which are developed with and around the individual student’s needs. Among other measures it includes an extensive diagnosis for the identification of the individual competence support needs.

Interdisciplinary Bachelor Project

The Interdisciplinary Bachelor Project offers first-year students at the TUHH the opportunity to procure subject-external competencies parallel to the acquisition of subject knowledge in their chosen studies.

One of its aims is to enable students to try out the role of an engineer in a team right at the beginning of their studies.

Student's Shop (Werkstatt)

The Werkstatt is open and available to all students of the TUHH for their own study related handicraft.  The Werkstatt offers advanced machine tools for, among others, wood and metal works.

Interested students can contact the Werkstatt supervisor Hartmut Gieseler during the opening hours to receive a briefing on the use of the workshop. Curious visitors who simply want to inform themselves in advance are more than welcome to drop by.

Research-based Learning

A goal of research-based learning, among others, is to imbue the teaching faculty with a repertoire of didactic methods, and introduce them to the principles of good teaching in the technical sciences.

Hamburg Open Online University

The HOOU is a joint project of the six public institutions of higher education in Hamburg. It is designed to supplement classroom lectures with the potentials offered by digital technologies and to make these offers available as part of Open Educational Resources


This BMBF funded project, developed by the Hamburg University of Technology  in cooperation with its subsidiary company TuTech, opens up new paths and chances for companies and their employees. The “ContinuING@TUHH” project offers employees from companies of any size the chance to collectively work on projects and problems from their own companies with the University, and to simultaneously use the opportunity for further individual qualification. This type of cooperation is meant to support company’s personnel development along with intensifying the knowledge and technology exchange between industry and TUHH.