Teacher Training Programs

The Teacher Training Program of the Center for Teaching and Learning (ZLL) has offerings for all status groups enganged in teaching at TUHH. It provides TUHH’s teachers with the opportunity to acquaint themselves with different didactical approaches and methods - either just for a module or along an entire curriculum - to extend their teaching skills and to share news and views by initiating network activities within and beyond TUHH. Teachers’ experiences and their specific teaching situations are always incorporated in the workshops or consultations provided. Theory and methodology are geared to the special didactical needs of engineering teachers. There are customized offerings for professors, mid-level faculty and teaching assistants. For mid-level faculty there is a mandatory one-year qualification program with a focus on research-based learning. In addition to a basic didactical qualification, an introduction to research-based teaching and learning is immediately applied to teaching innovation projects for the courses the participants are teaching at the time or in the near future.

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