Digital Teaching

Customized digital solutions for different TUHH courses are created by means of close collaboration between the Center for Teaching and Learning (ZLL), the Institute of Technical Education and University Didactics (iTBH) and the IT service center. An in-house Wordpress facility, for example, makes it possible to create weblogs for use in group work in particular. Etherpads, gitbooks and, as social networking software, HumHub are used for media-assisted collaborative work. This toolbox is an attractive offering for a wide range of learning scenarios. Mention must here also be made of EvaExam, the exam software maintained by the ZLL and the IT service center, which among other features automates the marking of multiple-choice questions. In order to motivate students to think and play an active part in large-enrollment classes ZLL  provides the set-up and supports teaching staff in using so-called classroom response systems in a didactical sound manner, including new functions like the integrated back channels.

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