I3 Programme 2020: Call for Proposals

This call closes on June 30, 2020.

“Technology for Humankind” is one of the main missions of Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). Especially cross-disciplinary collaborations often open up opportunities for novel research areas, and can ultimately result in new technological solutions. Identifying promising interdisciplinary fields along the TUHH strategy is an important part of the current growth process.

The I3 actions form an integral part of the growth process (I3 stands for Innovation and Interdisciplinarity in Engineering). They provide internal funding for interdisciplinary research projects and aim at supporting preliminary work for acquiring national or international third party funding at a later stage. In addition, they present a cornerstone for an enhanced visibility of the TUHH fields of research, especially the Areas of Expertise and the Cross-Disciplinary Engineering Sciences (see diagram).

When applying for I3 funding, researchers are encouraged to draft and execute innovative, interdisciplinary projects. I3 actions in 2020 come in two different sizes to cater for scientists in various stages of their careers and for different team sizes. Both aim at strengthening the key research fields mentioned above.

We call for proposals for the following two actions:

I3 Projects:

Joint projects of two experienced scientists working in two different fields. Projects are funded for a period of two years, supporting two researchers and providing a budget for travel and consumables.

I3 Junior Projects:

Innovative projects of younger scientists or students, which are funded for a maximum of one year. Funding is mainly intended for consumables and travel. Exceptions may be possible in special cases.


Please follow the different links to learn details on the formal boundaries, the contents of the proposal, the selection criteria and the timeline.

[Last revision on Mai 15, 2020]