Funded I3 Projects

Funding start in 2019

Machine Learning in Aeronautical Communications

Gerhard Bauch, Andreas Timm-Giel


Verify Green Technologies for Intelligent Grid Control with Power Hardware-in-the-Loop

Christian Becker, Thorsten Kern


Sensor Design for Soft Material Robots

Robert Seifried, Bodo Fiedler


Safety Critical Functions on Many-Core Avionics Architectures

Frank Thielecke, Heiko Falk


Selective Oxy-anion Removal from Drinking Waters by modified Hollow Fiber Membranes (Selmo-HF)

Matthias Ernst, Volkan Filiz (HZG)


Highly flexible and efficient intralogistics based on 3D data of the surroundings

Jochen Kreutzfeldt, Görschwin Fey, Ralf Wetegrove (Jungheinrich AG), Kay Fürstenberg (Sick AG)