„Aviation Technology is one of the strategic topics of TUHH. For Europe and for Hamburg it has main importance for innovation and the labour market. Together with our partners we work for this fascinating field.”
Otto von Estorff


Aircraft Research

Hamburg – the place for aviation

 heading for further success in aviation

The North German metropolitan region ranks alongside Seattle and Toulouse as one of the world‘s leading centres for civil aviation. Airbus Deutschland, Lufthansa Technik and Hamburg Airport are the biggest employers of skilled workers, but if one includes the roughly 300 small and medium-sized companies that supply aviation parts, the total number of jobs in the industry rises to over 36,000. Hamburg University of Technology is dedicated to engineering sciences. One of its major research topics is aircraft technologies. TUHH cooperates with AIRBUS, Lufthansa Technik, the small and medium sized supplier industry as well as the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Main target is to enhance innovation in the field of aircraft systems and technologies.

Research and Development

Main topics of R&D activities are materials and production technologies, aircraft systems technologies, cabin, information and communication technologies and transportation systems. Projects conducted together with partners from industry are dedicated to vibroacoustics, power optimized aircraft, flexible production concepts and composite technologies.

Research Center Aeronautics

Research and development, educational programmes in Aircraft Technologies are important foci of Hamburg University of Technology. 

The cooperation of the scientific TUHH-institutes with the leading aircraft companies (especially AIRBUS and Lufthansa Technik) and the SME-sized supplier industry is growing rapidly in the fields of Airframe Systems and Equipment, Cabin and Comfort, Materials and Production and Aircraft design and air transport systems. These activities have led TUHH to cluster the competencies in the TUHH-Research Center Aeronautics (members are 12 TUHH-institutes). Aircraft research is strengthened by setting up an Airbus-donated professorship (Aircraft Cabin Systems) located at the Technology Center Hamburg-Finken­werder and by developing the cooperation with DLR in the field of Air Transport System. 

TUHH is educating 40-50 excellent engineers (MSc., Ph.D.) per year for the future-oriented aircraft industry. Examples of Degree-Courses: Aircraft Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, General Engineering Sciences (GES), Information Technology, Information and Communication Systems, International Production Management.