Center of Research and Innovation

The TUHH’s general principle is to develop technology for people. To fulfill this requirement the research structure was repositioned and research was bundled in a Center of Research and Innovation. The TUHH is thereby making a contribution toward ensuring Hamburg’s long-term, future-oriented viability as a technology location.

The Center of Research and Innovation consists of the following components: the three areas of expertise that position and raise the profile of the research expertise of the TUHH’s research centers, scientific institutes and workgroups.

Basic research  at TUHH f.e. is highlighted by the Collaborative Research Center (SFB) "Tailor-Made Muli-Scale Materials Systems, M^3 " funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

As the TUHH’s central umbrella facility the Graduate Academy for Technology and Innovation, established in 2013, handles the task of providing interdisciplinary support for early-stage researchers.

Efficient knowledge and technology transfer takes place inter alia via cooperation arrangements with partners from business and industry in projects funded by third parties, at the College of Excellence, and by means of startups, qualified TUHH graduates, and TuTech Innovation GmbH.

The TUHH’s areas of expertise are Green Technologies, Life Science Technologies, and Aviation and Maritime Systems.

The research centers in which scientists from institutes and workgroups are organized on a cross-disciplinary basis are in turn the basis of the areas of expertise. Fruitful new research approaches emerge from these discussions across departmental and disciplinary borders.

The link between the areas of expertise and the research centers is a Research Group of Excellence that by setting up early-stage research groups will provide targeted support for the development of the areas of expertise and research centers. These research groups are aligned by subject area to one of the three areas of expertise and to their research areas with a view to opening up new fields of research. The TUHH’s cooperation partners are especially involved in the work of the research group of excellence. This joint commitment serves in equal measure to strengthen the technological disciplines and to boost the innovative power of the companies.