Internships or research projects at TUHH

Projects or internships (study project, bachelor thesis, or master thesis) at TUHH are supervised by our Professors.

A study project (“Studienarbeit”) introduces students to practical problems and scientific methods of problem solving under the supervision of a university professor. Such projects are usually done within the University, but may also be carried out at an external institution, provided a TUHH professor’s (co-)supervision is accepted. Although the supervisor defines the required documentation and the length of the project, it does include a 15 to 30-minute presentation of the results, which is included in the final mark. A final project (Bachelor or Master thesis) concludes a study program. It should demonstrate the candidates’ capacity to independently solve a problem in their subject area within a given period. The project may be carried out at an institution/company other than the TUHH, provided that a TUHH professor’s supervision is accepted. If you are interested in doing an internship / project at TUHH, please contact the relevant supervising professor directly. Please note that you will not be enrolled as an exchange student, but as a guest student. It is not possible for guest students to attend courses and transfer credits. Please contact Ms Snoussi of the STUDIS student service. The TUHH department who will host you is in charge of registering you as a guest. The registration form can be found at the bottom of the university administration download center. It is also relevant to receive access to the campus IT-infrastructure.

Please, read also the information provided in the staff section under "staff & research guests from abroad".

Visiting international research students from the University of Waterloo

currently have the following contact possibilities:

Ms Berit Illmann

deputy head of international office
overseas bilateral relations management
support outgoing student mobility oderseas

Ms Jutta Janzen

student support and admission for international students
incoming international exchange students from overseas

Concise information for prospective applicants and incomings from the University of Waterloo is currently being compiled and will be published here soon!