Internships abroad

The International Office offers advice on finding, financing, funding, and organizing internships abroad. We offer a regular info session in this context. The date for the next info session has not been determined yet, but will be published here. Registration will not be necessary. The talk will be held in German. Participants are encouraged to print this script for taking notes.
You can contact Sarah Neumann for further information.

We strongly encourage students with a disability or a chronic illness to disclose this information to us. We would like to be able to offer help so that your special needs can be addressed. Students with special needs may be eligible to apply for an additional grant in order to cover the extra costs which may incur during your Erasmus+ mobility.​ In accordance with Article 21 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union,​ there shall be no discrimination on the basis of this information.​

ERASMUS Traineeship - ERASMUS Praktikum

If you have an internship that is at least 60 calendar days long and at a company in one of the ERASMUS countries (EU member states, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey), you may be eligible for the ERASMUS Traineeship grant!

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The following workflow plan (in German) tells you how to apply for the funding and all the following steps.

If you already know, when your internship starts and ends, please, start your application for the Erasmus traineeship grant in Mobility-Online immediately (you will be redirected and asked to authticate using your Stud-IP username and password).

To complete your application in Mobility-Online you will need to upload a motivation letter and a recommendation form, signed and filled by a TUHH-professor. The guidelines for the motivation letter and the recommendation form are downloads in Mobility-Online. Therefore. please make sure to start your application in Mobility-Online early on!
The TUHH-professor who signs your recommendation form, will also have to sign your Erasmus Learning Agreement - once we have approved your Erasmus traineeship application. The Learning Agreement specifies details of your work as an intern in the host company or organisation and possible insurance provided to your by the host. Besides your TUHH-professor, it will also have to be signed by your internship supervisor and you. The Learning Agreement is part of the Grant Agreement which specifies the amount of money you will receive from Erasmus, the conditions and all details on your insurance while your are abroad. It will be signed by you and the International Office.

Both the Learning Agreement and the Grant Agreement need to be ready and signed before the start of your internship!

Because both your application and the agreements after we have approved your application take time, please, have your application in Mobility-Online ready with all uploads and information 10 weeks before the start of the internship!

IAESTE Hamburg

IAESTE is an worldwide internship programme and organisation for technical students. They offer internship places where interns usually receive an allowance from their employers to cover the living expenses in the relevant host country.

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In the host countries, student-run local IAESTE committees serve as local service points for foreign student interns. DAAD (the German Academic Exchange Service) hosts the IAESTE Germany national office. There are student-run local IAESTE committees in almost every university town. To apply for the program, please, contact the local IAESTE committee Hamburg. Local IAESTE committees usually charge a deposit of between EUR 50 and 100, which is returned if students are not offered an internship, or when handing in their internship reports at the end of their stay abroad. The TUHH office of IAESTE Hamburg is at Schloßmühlendamm 30-32, 2nd floor, room no. 223.

AIESEC Hamburg

AIESEC is a student-run worldwide internship programme and organization for students in all fields with a focus on business and economy. They offer internships and other work experiences for a relatively small fee.

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Although AISEC is not affiliated with  DAAD on the national level, the structures are similar. To apply for the programme, please, contact the local AIESEC committee Hamburg. AIESEC local committees usually charge a fee for their services and sometimes a deposit.
AIESEC Hamburg has its office at the University of Hamburg, Von-Melle-Park 5, 20146 Hamburg.

DAAD - RISE weltweit

ist ein Austauschprogramm des Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienstes, dass Forschungspraktika weltweit für deutsche Bachelorstudierende der Natur-, Lebens- und Ingenieurswissenschaften bietet.

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Interessierte Studierende bewerben sich direkt beim DAAD und können sich in der RISE weltweit-Bewerbungsdatenbank auf bis zu 3 Projekte bewerben. Bewerbungsphase ist jährlich von Anfang November bis kurz vor Weihnachten. Weitere Details finden Sie auf der Website des DAAD.

Other internship and placement agencies

can be found through the Programmdatenbank on the German Eurodesk-Website The eurodesk database lists most of the German non-profit and for profit organisations that offer internship programmes and internship placements worldwide. Just choose the type of actvity (i.e. Praktikum im Ausland), a continent and maybe also a country. Most of the internship placement agencies and organisations will charge a fee depending on what services they offer and you will choose. It makes sense to compare the agencies, their services and fees. Eurodesk provides also a comprehensive guide to finding and doing an internship abroad, called Wege ins Auslandspraktikum. Chapter 10 comprises of the Qualitätscheck Auslandspraktikum, which tells you what to look out for and how to compare internships agencies and organisations.