Study abroad

To study abroad for one or two semesters you can apply for exchange places that are available through bilateral agreements with partner universities abroad – either through exchange cooperations within the EU programme Erasmus+ student mobility for studies (SMS) or through exchange cooperations that the TUHH holds directly with partner universities. The benefit of studying abroad within an exchange cooperation is usually in simplified credit recognition and waived tuition fees at the partner university.

Exchange places available through Erasmus+ SMS are usually combined with a small mobility allowance (Mobilitätsbeihilfe). However, outgoing students nominated for an exchange place at one of TUHH's direct partner universities can apply to additional funding programmes - the allowance is not automatically included. This also applies to students who are planing and organising an individual study abroad period at a non-partner university (free mover).

In any case, outgoing exchange students will have to discuss their prospective study programmes abroad and the subsequent recognition of credits at TUHH with their respective study programme director (i.e. Studiengangsleiterin / Studiengangsleiter) beforehand. The learning agreement is the document which records the abroad study programme and the recognition of the abroad credits (for details please see information of the specific programme).

Students planning to go abroad for a research project or a bachelor or master thesis are required to have a thesis supervisor at both the host university and TUHH.