ERASMUS interns at TUHH

Students who are coming to TUHH as ERASMUS interns, whether from ERASMUS partner universities or not, are regular interns at departments of TUHH – with the exception that they receive a grant from their home university through the ERASMUS student mobility for traineeship programme (SMP or SMT). No bilateral ERASMUS agreement is needed.
ERASMUS traineeship (SMP/SMT) is not to be confused with ERASMUS student mobility for studies (SMS), also called ERASMUS student exchange. Hence, students coming to TUHH as ERASMUS interns, like all other interns and research guests, will have to be registered as guests and cannot enroll as regular students.

The learning agreement of ERASMUS interns (i.e. foreign students with ERASMUS traineeship funding) has to be signed by the direct supervisor of the internship. That is a research staff member of the department which is hosting the intern.

Please, be aware that the German minimum wage regulation applies to ERASMUS interns as well! The Internship is exempt from the minimum wage regulation if it is marked as being part of the curriculum at the home university, in the ERASMUS learning agreement for traineeships.