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Funding available at TUHH

  • Erasmus traineeship (for internships in the EU, Norway, Turkey, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Iceland)
  • PROMOS  - (for overseas internship, travel expenses subsidiary only)
  • Mobility Fund - (for overseas internships or where Erasmus traineeship is not possible or not sufficient)

AuslandsBafoeg & Bildungskredit (public grants and loans)


Students with German citizenship can apply for Auslands-BAföG for their internship abroad. Auslands-BAföG is the funding available to German citizens who are studying at a university and plan to do parts or their studies (or a complete degree) or an internship abroad.
Auslands-BAföG may even be available to German university studenty who do not qualify for inner-German BAföG. That is because the costs for living a studying may be higher abroad than at home.

To co-finance an internship with Auslands-BAföG, the internship has to last at least 12 weeks.
Students have to apply 6 month before the intended start of the internship abroad.

The Studierendenwerk Hamburg provides counsel for students interested in Auslands-BAföG. They take applications for stays in the USA.
Applications for Auslands-BAföG for stays in other countries and regions will have to be addressed to Studierendenwerke in other German cities.

There are a few specific exceptions that allow international fulltime degree students to apply for BAföG and Auslands-BAföG.


An internship abroad can be co-financed through an education loan, which has to be paid back with interest. To find out wether a loan would be beneficial for you and how to apply for it, please turn to the Studierendenwerk Hamburg and their counselling centre for finance.

DAAD stipend database

There are more specific possibilities for funding which can be found through the DAAD stipend database.