Support during your studies

Are you an international student currently enrolled at TUHH for a bachelor-, masterdegree or exchange program?

You can turn to the International Office if you need assistance with initial orientation at the beginning of your stay in Hamburg and at TUHH, general counselling in the case of social problems and decision making, financial support and scholarships, social events and networking activities.

Please check our orientation activities and supporting offers here

Covid 19 Information for Students

The International office would like to keep you up to date with current information about the Covid-19 Situation and how it effectes the TUHH and your study programm. Please check: TUHH upto date information on Covid 19 and Covid 19 Information for students

Advisory services and information Events

During the Covid- 19 pandemic, the International Office is offering individual consultation on Zoom as well as group info sessions on specific topics and important issues. Check further details and times on our website.


The TUHH supports the National Code of Conduct for German Universities Regarding International Students.

This Code of Conduct aims to ensure that students from abroad receive the quality of support and advice needed when studying in Germany. The guiding principle is, wherever possible, to grant international students the same rights as are available to German or EU students. Any non-compliance with the National Code of Conduct could be reported to Nicole Frei, Manager of Internationalisation at TUHH.