Application Procedure for Exchange Students

1. Nomination
Your home university nominates you by sendingthe nomination form to Ms. Jäger.
The nomination deadlines are 15.04 for winter semester stays and 15.10 for summer semester stays.

2. Before the application
The TUHH international office will send you the exchange application link by Email.

The exchange student application phase for winter semester stays is from 15.04 to 15.06 and for summer semester stays from 15.10 to 15.12.

3. Starting the application
To start your online exchange application, you need to follow the link you received from us by Email. It directs you to an online form, which is the first part of your exchange application.

Fill out this online form and click ‘send’ at the bottom. This will create an application for exchange studies in our database Mobility-Online. NOTE: This application is still incomplete!

Mobility-Online will send you a confirmation email and asks you to create a user account in Mobility-Online.

4. During the application
Follow the link in this Email to register as a user in Mobility-Online. You need to choose a user name, login and password. This will enable you to view and complete your still unfinished exchange student application.

Your entire exchange stay at TUHH will be managed through Mobility-Online. You’ll need to get back to your application/mobility workflow in Mobility-Online before, during, and after your stay at TUHH.

5. During the application
Complete your exchange application. The steps in the workflow are consecutive: they have to be filled out one after the other, and they are all obligatory. Download information and forms from the workflow and upload filled out and signed forms to your exchange application workflow.

Note to ERASMUS students: We are about to switch to the OLA (Online Learning Agreement). For now, we are still using the PDF-paper-based Learning Agreement form.

Documents to down- and upload:
a.    Learning agreement form
b.    Transcript of records with previous and current work
c.    Language Certificate
d.    Motivation letter
e.    Facial picture
f.    TUHH exchange application form

6. Finishing the application
The last step in your application is the upload of a scan of the exchange application form. Your home university needs to sign this.
This last upload completes your exchange application and notifies the TUHH International Office.

7. The accommodation application
If you want to apply for a room in the student's halls in Hamburg, please click here. Scroll down and read how you can apply.

Creating your Learning Agreement: choosing courses suitable for exchange students

To complete your Learning Agreement you can select courses from all of TUHHs degree programs (Bachelor and Master), except for the Joint Master program courses.
Please check specific information and selection of the courses suitable for exchange students in the Study Packages assigned to each school of study listed here!

Courses suitable for exchange students can be found here: courses for Winter Semester 2021/2022 + Summer Semester 2022.

The non-technical elective courses are listed separately. Most of them have limited places and some have special entry requirements and registration procedures. There is a detailed description of the non-technical electives (Bachelor and Master) and the business and management courses (for all degree students) as well.

Please also have a look into the module handbooks of the degree programs (sorted by degree program) to see an overview of all the modules and the courses they consist of. There are also detailed module descriptions (sorted by alphabet, not by degree program). Some module courses may have prerequisites.

Please note, that exams are offered only for complete modules, i.e. one exam for all the courses that belong to one module. Depending on whether you will stay for 1 or 2 semester, please make sure to always select all the courses belonging to one module. Pay attention: some modules stretch over more than 1 semester!

Students who intend to carry out a thesis work at TUHH should make all necessary arrangements with the TUHH supervisor before they arrive at TUHH!

Deadlines & Academic Calendar

Winter semester exchange student application deadline: 15. June
Summer semester exchange student application deadline: 15. December

summer semester: 1 April 2021  – 30 September 2021
lectures: 1 April 2021 – 14 July 2021
start of exams: tentatively 15 July 2021

winter semester: 01 October 2021 – 31 March 2022
lectures: 11 October 2022 - 29 January 2022
tentative start of exams: 01 February 2022

Please, take a look at the exact dates for the upcoming semesters and the tentative examination period of the current semester.

The TUHH examinations are carried out in the non-lecture period. Summer semester: mid- July until the end of September, Winter semester: mid- January until the end of March. The examination registration for exchange students is carried out within two weeks in May and in December. If you have to leave the TUHH earlier, you should contact the professor in time to find an individual regulation for the examination you want to take.

Language Requirements

Please note, that you can only study at TUHH if your language proficiency is sufficient for your study purposes. Most of the bachelor courses are taught in German and bachelor students need to have a German level that will allow them to undertake an academic study.

All exchange students from partner universities must have sufficient language skills in the working language German (B1) and/or English (B2) (CEFR).
Certified tests such as TOEFL, TestDAF, IELTS, etc. are accepted (online version is sufficient). Online grading tests with conclusive identification of the participants, e.g. Erasmus+ OLS- tests, will not be accepted. If you have no official test document, the proof must be in a form of a confirmation / official certificate from a recognized language school in the home country or a language institute of the home university. A confirmation by the home exchange coordinator is also sufficient.

Those exchange students, who are studying in an English speaking degree programme can only be acquitted of the duty to provide a language certificate when they can provide proof that all courses at the home university are in English.

If a language certificate or proof cannot be provided during the online application, a document must be submitted instead stating that the applicant has registered for a language course and that the course is completed until the start of the study.

Applicants wishing to complete a project or master thesis at TUHH should have the required language skills in the working language. A language certificate is not required.

Deputy Deans International (Dep. Coordinators) & Schools of Study

TUHH is organised in schools of study. There is one Deputy Dean International (with an assistant) for each school of study at TUHH, who has the role of a departmental coordinator for exchange studies. For academic questions and issues with your learning agreement, please turn to your Deputy Dean International and his or her assistant.

Entry and Residence Regulations

Students from the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA - Andora, Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Norway), as well as Switzerland, need only an identity card (ID) to enter Germany. All foreign exchange students from non-EU countries should obtain a study visa from the German Embassy in their home country!

Please contact the German Embassy in your home country for exact information on whether you also need to apply for an entry visa. The addresses of the Embassies and Consulates are listed on the website of the German Federal Foreign Office. Important and useful information concerning Entry and Residence Regulations for international students is provided by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

International exchange students from non-EU countries who have been admitted to the TUHH have to apply for a residence permit for study purposes (Aufenthaltsbewilligung) at the Aliens' Registration Office (Ausländerabteilung), no later than 3 months after they arrived in Hamburg.

Blocked account for international students

If you are an international student from a non-EU or non-EEA country, you must prove you have the financial resources to cover your living expenses in Germany.

The German blocked bank account (Sperrkonto) is designed to serve international students and job-seekers as proof of financial resources for living in Germany for a year and is a requirement when applying for a German student visa or a student residence permit. Even though there are other ways of confirming the financial standing, the blocked account is the most common among international students.
By transferring a certain amount of money to the blocked account, a person willing to reside in Germany, testifies that he/she can handle living and other expenses during that time.

The amount of money, that has to be transferred to the account, varies from year to year. Please check out the current updates here:

Please be aware that not all accounts are equally accepted by all authorities.
The list of the officially approved companies can be found on the webpage of the German Federal Foreign Office:

Please check as well the special information brochure "Information for international students" issued by the city of Hamburg in cooperation with Hamburgs institutions of higher education.

You can use as well the special services of Hamburg Welcome Center for arranging your residence permit and city registration as well as guidance for your new start in Hamburg.

Health Insurance

All international students in Germany must be compulsorily insured (German Social Security Code V, Paragraph 1 Clause 9).

Proof of health insurance is a necessary condition for enrolment at TUHH.

-Students from EU member countries, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland should present their European health insurance card.

-Students from countries that have a social security agreement with the Federal Republic of Germany like Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia-Montenegro, and Croatia should present their proof of the national health company (e.g. A/T 11).

Should you not be covered by any of these, you have to arrange the relevant insurance with a German health insurance company (examples of statutory health insurance companies are AOK, BARMER, DAK, HEK, KKH, IKK, TK)   You can make your application online before you enter Germany. The monthly fee for students up to the age of 30 is approx. EUR 110.

Please note, private health insurance is not accepted by the university. In case of sickness or an accident, it won't cover all the costs.