Exchange Studies

Within the framework of our exchange programmes, student from partner universities can spend a study period of one to two semesters at the TUHH. As an exchange student, you can take part in our regular study program or work on your individual project work.

The application deadlines are:
15 June for the winter semester and 15 December for the summer semester.

Courses taught in English for exchange students: Please check the appropriate STUDY PACKAGE with selection of the courses:

Exchange student guide download

How to apply:

Application Procedure for Exchange Students

Once you have been officially nominated by your home university and you have successfully completed at least the first year of study then you fulfil the requirements to apply for admission to exchange studies at TUHH.
The application as an exchange student to TUHH is an online-application in our application portal Mobility-Online. It allows you to log-on and log-off during the active application period. Please, note that the application portal closes at the end of the application period. You will have to have all required downloads and uploads ready before that!

During the application process you will have to download and upload a number of documents from Mobility-Online:

  • ECTS learning agreement form with the choice of courses to be taken at TUHH
    (form is available in Mobility-Online)
  • Transcripts of records with details of previous and current work
  •  Language Certificate (please see the attached requests)
  • Motivation letter
  • facial picture (500 x 500 px)
  • TUHH exchange student application form (last down/upload)

Starting the Application Procedure:


  1. follow the link provided to you by email
  2. fill out and send the online-form
  3. go to your mailbox to read the confirmation email with the registration link to Mobility-Online
  4. follow the registration link and register as a user in Mobility-Online by choosing a user-name, login and password
  5. go to your mailbox to read the registration confirmation email with the link to login to Mobility-Online
  6. login to Mobility-Online and complete your personal data, download information sheets and forms and make all the required uploads (e.g. photo, motivation letter, completed learning agreement, transcript of records,  language certificate , generated application form with signature from your home university, ...).
    The application workflow shows the necessary steps, including all downloads and uploads. The steps are consecutive: they have to be done one after the other. The last upload, which is the printed application form with the signature from your home university that verifies your nomination,  completes your application and notifies the TUHH International Office.

All uploads and data need to be completed by 15 June / 15 December. After that date no changes or uploads are possible anymore. Applications that are incomplete after June 15/December 15 will automatically be rejected.

After June15/December15 we will check all received applications. If your application has been approved by the TUHH Institutional coordinator and the Departmental Coordinators (i.e. Deputy Deans International), you will receive a letter of acceptance.
This process can take several weeks. We would therefore be grateful for your patience.

Do not forget to apply for a room separately at the accommodation office!
There is a specific deadline for the room application. Please, read the information on the accommodation office website carefully!

Creating your Learning Agreement: choosing courses suitable for exchange students

In order to complete your Learning Agreement you can select courses from all of TUHHs degree programs (Bachelor and Master) with the exception of the Joint Master program courses.
Please check specific information and selection of the courses suitable for exchange students in the Study Packages assigned to each school of study listet above!

The general compilation of courses course suitable for exchange students can be found in the lists:  courses for Winter Semester 2019/2020 + Summer Semester 2020.

The non-technical elective courses are listed separately. Most of them have limited places and some have special entry requirements and registration procedure. There is a detailed description of the non-technical electives (Bachelor and Master) and the business and management courses (for all degree students) as well.

Please also have a look into the module handbooks of the degree programs (sorted by degree program) to see an overview of all the modules and the courses they consist of. There are also detailed module descriptions (sorted by alphabet, not by degree program). Some module courses may have prerequisites.

Please note, that exams are offered only for complete modules, i.e. one exam for all the courses that belong to one module. Depending on wether you will stay for 1 semester or for 2, please make sure to always select all the courses belonging to one module. Pay attention: some modules strech over more than 1 semester!

Students who intend to carry out a thesis work at TUHH should make all necessary arrangements with the TUHH supervisor prior to their arrival at TUHH!

Deadlines & Academic Calendar

Winter semester exchange student application deadline: 15. June
Summer semester exchange student application deadline: 15. December

winter semester: 01 October 2019– 31 March 2020
lectures: 14 October 2019 - 01 February 2020
tentative start of exams: 01  February 2020

summer semester: 01 April 2020 – 30 September 2020

lectures: 02 April – 15 July 2020
tentative start of exams: 15 July 2020

Please, take a look at the exact dates for the upcoming semesters and the tentative examination period of the current semester.

The TUHH examinations are carried out in the non-lecture period. Summer semester: mid- July until the end of September, Winter semester: mid January until the end of March. The examination registration for exchange students is carried out within two weeks in May and in December. If you have to leave the TUHH earlier, you should contact the professor in time to find an individual regulation for the examination you want to take.

Language Requirements

Please note, that you can only study at TUHH, if your language proficiency is sufficient for your study purposes. Most of the bachelor courses are taught in German and bachelor students need to have a German level that will allow them to undertake an academic study.

All exchange students from partner universities must have sufficient language skills in the working language German (B1) and/or English (B2) (CEFR).
Certified tests such as TOEFL, TestDAF, IELTS etc. are accepted (online version is sufficient). Online grading tests with conclusive identification of the participants, e.g. Erasmus+ OLS- tests, will not be accepted. If you have no official test document, the proof must be in form of a confirmation / official certificate from a recognized language school in the home country or a language institute of the home university. A confirmation by the home exchange coordinator is also sufficient. Language and placement tests are not accepted.
Those exchange students, who at the home university are studying in an English speaking degree programme, can only be aquited of the duty to provide a language certificate, when they can provide proof that all courses at the home university are indeed read in English.
If a language certificate or proof cannot be provided during the online application, a document must be submitted instead stating that the applicant has registered for a language course and that the course is completed until the start of the study. (Submission deadlines: winter term 31 August, summer term 27. February).

Applicants wishing to complete a project or master thesis at TUHH should, in their own interest, have the required language skills in the working language. A language certificate is not required.

You can obtain German language skills online, for example: internet-based German courses on the German-DUO web portal (German-Uni Online) under the guidance of experienced tutors.

Deputy Deans International (Dep. Coordinators) & Schools of Study

TUHH is organised in schools of study. There is one Deputy Dean International (with an assistant) for each school of study at TUHH, who have the role of a departmental coordinator for exchange studies. For academic questions and issues with your learning agreement, please turn to your Deputy Dean International and his or her assistant.

Further important information

Entry and Residence Regulations

Students from the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA - Andora, Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Norway), as well as Switzerland, need only an identity card (ID) to enter Germany. All foreign exchange students from non-EU countries should ontain a study visa from the German Embassy in their home country!

Please contact the German Embassy in your home country for exact information on whether you also need to apply for an entry visa. The addresses of the Embassies and Consulates are listed on the website of the German Federal Foreign Office. Important and useful information concerning Entry and Residence Regulations for international students is provided by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

International exchange students from non-EU countries who have been admitted to the TUHH have to apply for a residence permit for study purposes (Aufenthaltsbewilligung) at the Aliens' Registration Office (Ausländerabteilung), no later than 3 months after their arrival in Hamburg.

Please check as well the special information brochure "Information for international students" issued by the city of Hamburg in cooperation with Hamburgs institutions of higher education.

You can use as well the special services of Hamburg Welcome Center  for arranging your residence permit and city registration as well as guidance for your new start in Hamburg.

Health Insurance

All international students in Germany must be compulsorily insured (German Social Security Code V, Paragraph 1 Clause 9). Proof of health insurance is a necessary condition for enrolment at the TUHH.
-Students from EU member countries, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland should present their European health insurance card.
-Students from countries which have a social security agreement with the Federal Republic of Germany like Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia-Montenegro, and Croatia should present their proof of the national health company (e.g. A/T 11).
Should you not be covered by any of these, you have to arrange the relevant insurance with a German health insurance company (examples of statutory health insurance companies are AOK, BARMER, DAK, HEK, KKH, IKK,TK)   You can make your application online before you enter Germany. The monthly fee for students up to the age of 30 is approx. EUR 90.

Please remember that the University cannot accept travel insurances as they do not usually cover the real costs in case of accident or illness.

Enrollment and Re-registration

All students at TUHH must be enrolled in order to get the student status and semester documents. Exchange students enrollment takes place after their arrival at TUHH, during the orientation week, which is always in the last week of march + first week of April (summer term) or in the last week of September + first week of October. The special orientation program flyer , issued each semester by the International Office, lists the detailed dates and times.

In order to enroll,  exchange students must fill out the registration forms and pay the semester fees. This fee includes a semester ticket for public transport in Hamburg and support from the student services. Once the semester fee has been transferred to the University account, students will ― within 10 days ― automatically receive their student ID, their public transport semester ticket, their password for their TUHH account, and their university email address.

Please keep in mind to bring with you following documents for the enrollment:

  • a proof of your health insurance: European Health insurance Card if you are from a EU-member state or other proof of health insurance in Germany. Travel health insurances are not valid as student insurances)
  • a valid passport
  • The semester fee (currently 280,60€) has to be paid by bank transfer to TUHH right after the enrolment/registration in order to complete your enrolment and to receive the semester ticket. You will need the matriculation number, which you will receive at the enrolment.

TUHH enrolment is only valid for one semester and all students who will stay for the second semester have to renew this enrolment (re-register) before the next semester starts. Deadlines for TUHH registration renewal are: September 15 for the winter semester and March 15 for the summer semester.

For more information please check this page.

TUHH German Language Courses

TUHH Intensive German language courses for exchange students prior to begin of each winter semester

There are special preparatory courses for exchange students at the beginning of each winter semester. ( there is no course at the beginning of summer semester!) They usually start in the mid of September and are free of charge for exchange students from partner institutions. These courses are to prepare the students to their situation as a newcomer at TUHH, in Hamburg and in Germany. The course can already be a part of your TUHH study program/learning agreement and counts for 4 ECTS. The online application for the course is necessary in order to get a place. The appropriate  registration link will be send to you on time by the International Office. 

A proof of German language skills /level B1, as the admission requirement for TUHH exchange studies, cannot be obtained by attending this intensive course!

Regular German Language Classes at TUHH

Exchange students have the possibility to visit regular courses "German as a foreign language" (DAF) offered for all international exchange students during each semester. The regular German language courses starts in April and October and they are free of charge for exchange students (except €20 for the books). Further information as well as online application is available in the current course catalogue:

Orientation and intercultural programs for new international students

Orientation program: Meet and Greet

The International Office runs special Orientation Program for international students  at the beginning of each semester. During the program our tutors will assist you with the whole registration process, helping you to fill in the forms and instruct you about the regulations concerning the usage of university facilities. In the tutorials sessions you will be intruduced to the universiry system and learn how to schedule your program time table.  The cultural activities which rounds off the program- like campus rally, city tours and social events  will give you the opportunity to get to know your fellow students and to join different social networks. 

Intercultural semester program

The International Office intercultural programs: Welcome@TUHH and Artroom@TUHH have the goal of promoting intercultural exchange on TUHH campus. The programs offer many activities such as international evenings, excursions and workshops. These activities gives the TUHH international students the opportunity to get in touch with their fellow students, to get to know Hamburg and gain fluency in German and English. Throughout the academic year Welcome Tutors support international students in all questions about study organisation and social life on campus.

For detailed Information about the activities and ongoing offers please visit the Welcome Program website!

Do you have any further questions or issues to discuss? You can contact the Welcome Tutors directly at: welcome(at)

Erasmus Student Network/ ESN TUHH

The Erasmus Student Network: ESN is a voluntary student network which supports new international students by organizing semester activities: sightseeing tours, game nights, parties, and other events. Erasmus buddies working in this network can pick you up from the airport or the main station, and give you useful hints on how to deal with the day-to- day challenges of living and studying abroad.
You can as well get a special ESNcard with discounts on events and parties all over the Europe.

As soon as you know the exact date of your arrival in Hamburg, please contact the ESN buddies at: hamburg(at)

TUHH Account and Computing Facilities

All registered TUHH students need to set up the university account so that they can use the computers in the PC Pools. With the paing of the semester fees new students at TUHH are automatically granted their own account and an email address. The TUHH administration mostly communicates with you by using your TUHH account so that checking your account on regular basis ensures that you receive all important information regarding your studies.

New students receive their password and login string, as well as their other documents by postal mail.
For more information, as well as for the opening hours and location of the computer pools, please vitit the website of the TUHH computing center

Changes of your Learning Agreement

The changes of your original Learning Agreement can be made- until 4 weeks after your arrival at TUHH!

Please contact your home institution with the question of the confirmation of the LA changes!

Transcript of Records

Your final document: Transcript of Records, which lists all your TUHH academic records, will be issued by the examination office once all examinations results have been collected. Sometimes this procedure cannot be closed upon your departure back to your home country but you can print your transcript of records later on by using the self- service function at the TUHH web page! Once all the exchange students of one certain semester have completed their exams, the examination office is also going to upload the Transcript of Records to Mobility-Online, where exchange students will be able to download it as well.

Finishing your Exchange Stay at TUHH

Please go through the departure check list with important information at the end of your stay at TUHH!

Confirmation of TUHH exchange studies
Please visit the International Office duly to collect the necessary signatures at your departure documents. The blank departure document will be usually issued by your home institution. 
Extension of exchange studies at TUHH: please ask about the special form at the International Office.

Learning Agreement:
Make sure that you uploaded the changes to the original LA confirmed by the TUHH departmental coordinator in the mobility online system.

Transcript of Records: the Examinations office TUHH will prepare the document once all examinations results have been uploaded. You can print out the document using self-service functions at:
In case of any technical problems or if you need help for reactivating your TUHH- password, please contact the TUHH user service center at:
De-registration at the TUHH:
Please update your home address using self-service function in case you get mails from TUHH after your departure. 
If you need TUHH ex-matriculation certificate please contact Mrs Janzen duly at:

De-registration of Residence:
If you are staying in a student hall it is mandatory to inform- in person- the property manager one month ahead of your leaving.
For deregistration of residence you have to get in touch with "Meldeamt/ Kundenzentrum responsible for your district.
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