Prospective Degree Program Students

Interested in undergraduate or graduate studies at TUHH?
Need advice on where, when and how to apply?

Information for prospective students (Degree Courses, Application etc.) can be found on the TUHH website. For questions about the application process please turn to STUDIS, the Admission and Registration Office. The Student Counseling Center provides information and advice regarding your choice of study.

TUHH Degree Program Students

If you are an international student currently enrolled at TUHH for a bachelor or a master degree, you can turn to the International Office if you need assistance with initial orientation at the beginning of your stay in Hamburg and at TUHH, general counselling in the case of social problems and decision making, financial support, scholarships, social and networking activities.

Our consulting focus:

Funding & Scholarships for International TUHH Students

Please note, that for some scholarships you can only apply before you start studying in Germany.
Only complete applications, that are handed in in due time, can be successful. Make sure to arrange counseling appointsments and appointments for the drafting of an academic assessment early enough.
In addition to the funding and scholarship opportunities listed below, you can also apply for a scholarship to a variety of foundations in Germany.
International students can apply to numerous organisations for a scholarship, for example to the DAAD, to party-related foundations or business-affiliated institutions. You can find information on the various types of scholarships in the DAAD scholarship database, along with suitable offers.

Grants and scholarships available at TUHH:

Financial Aid for Finalising your Degree

Who can apply:
International Students of TUHH who
...received their university entrance qualification abroad
...are about to finish their studies and graduate at TUHH within 12 month
...with a good academic record
...who are in need of financial help

Master students can only apply for financial aid for the last semester of their studies.

Sponsoring body: DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service

Scope and form of the Financial Aid:
The aid will be granted for a maximum period of 6 months.
Income through students jobs, financial support from family or spouses and other non-monetary prerequisits (e.g. rent-free accommodation) will be deducted from the full scholarship amount.

Application & Information:
Offline & paperbased. The official application form is available during the ongoing application phase. Printouts will be available at the International Office (Ms Janzen) and the general info desk (Infothek)

Application period: End of February, call with specific dates will be published here

Assistance for financial crisis

Who can apply: International TUHH students in financial distress. Proof for the financial distress is required.

Sponsoring body: Studierendenwerk Hamburg, Diakonisches Werk Hamburg

Scope and form of the Financial Aid: lump-sum payment

Application & Information:
Beratungszentrum Studienfinanzierung
Grindelallee 9; Raum 605
Tel : 42815 5144;-5145
E-Mail :

Diakonisches Werk HH
Königstraße 54; Zi 338
22767 Hamburg
Tel.: 30 620 0382
Frau Bröker; Di 10 -15 Uhr

Zentrale Studienberatung  TUHH/ Infothek
Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 3; Raum 0022

Application period: all year long

merit grant / achievement allowance

Who can apply: TUHH students with good and outstanding academic performance

Sponsoring body: Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Scope and Form of the Financial Aid: Financial aid for up to 12 months

Application & Information:
Offline & paperbased. The official application form is available during the ongoing application phase. Printouts will be available at the International Office (Ms Janzen) and the general info desk (Infothek)

Application period: April, call with specific dates will be published here

Please, turn to the TUHH International Office as well as the Student Counseling Center should you have questions concerning the financing of your studies or financial problems.

Learning German

1.TUHH German Language Courses

The TUHH offers various German language courses. More detailled information can be found at the TUHH website.

2. Language Coaching

Uta Bories - a long-term experienced German teacher - provides advice on all questions concerning the improvement and certification of German language skills (e.g. courses inside and outside of TUHH, how to optimize your language learning).

Please contact graduiertenakademie(at) to make an appointment.

3. Literature and Culture (Brückenkurs Literatur und Kultur)

This course invites the participants to explore cultural aspects through literature. Culture knows no boundaries, for that reason exhibitions, stage performances, films etc. might be also part of the schedule.

The course is offered in German. Very good German language skills are required.
Detailled information can be found here.

4. Workshops offered by the TUHH Career Center

The TUHH Career Center offers several workshops if you want to apply for a job in Germany.
Lebenslauf (DaF) + Fotoshooting
Bewerbungen schreiben (DaF) + Fotoshooting
Vorstellungsgespräche (DaF) + Fotoshooting

These workshops are tailored for international students. German language proficiency on at least B1 is required.

Please find further information at the TUHH Career Center website.

5. Workshop: Starting your Career in Germany! (Erfolgreich in den Beruf starten!)

In this workshop you will practise attending job interviews in German language, as well as writing CV´s and cover letters for a job. You will also learn how to ensure a smooth start into your new job, how to communicate and to avoid intercultural misunderstandings. Further information will be announced in due time. 

Orientation and Networking Programs

Our intercultural programs Welcome@TUHH and ArtRoom@TUHH are developed to offer you assistance at the beginning of your studies at TUHH. They also accompany you through your whole degree program and help you to integrate into the campus community more easily. A further goal of the programs is to help you to develop skills which will make you stay at TUHH more successful!

The program is supported by international and german student tutors who are very well acquainted with both studying at the TUHH and living in Hamburg. They help you to sort out questions about study organization, accompany you to orientation and cultural activities and offer you a chance of joining a study group.

Find out more by visiting the program´s webpages at: Welcome@TUHH and ArtRoom@TUHH.

Developing personal and intercultural skills

Various service units at TUHH and schools of study are working together to offer advice and services for international students at TUHH (International Office, Career Service, Student Counseling Center, STUDIS, specific units in the schools of study). The programs and projects offered have the goal to help you to develop skills which can be useful for the successful accomplishment of your studies. Please make use of these offers and make the best of your stay at TUHH.


Have you recently started as a bachelor freshman at TUHH and are studying a bachelor program in German language? If so, you might be interested in our StudyBuddy@TUHH program! Senior students will help you to survive the examination period, in case you plan to take one of the following exams: Mathematik 1, Mechanik 1, Chemie, Elektrotechnik. Study groups (2 hours a week) will meet from mid January until the examination. The tutors will suport you not only in academic matters but also give you advice how to learn effectively, how to organize one´s time or how to deal with stress. Further information can be found at our Welcome@TUHH website.

Language Café@TUHH

The idea is quite simple: Native speakers will chat with you in a nice atmosphere. You can brush up your foreign languages, make new friends and find out more about other cultures. More detailled information can be found here.

>>Download_Intercultural Program for Students (pdf)

International students´ advisors at the TUHH International Office:

Ms Malgorzata Safari:  general counseling in questions regarding TUHH orientation and integration/Integration programs: Welcome@TUHH and Artroom@TUHH.

Ms Kathrin Heuking: responsible for intercultural and supporting programs for international bachelor students/German as a foreign language

Ms Jutta Janzen: responsible for exchange students/ grants and scholarships for international degree students at TUHH.

Ms Aylin Kruse: Accommodation Office for international master students and exchange students at TUHH.

For all administrative questions concerning Admission and Registration process for international Bachelor and Master students please turn to the service unit  STUDIS.

Important information concerning visa and residence permit before, during and after your studies in BRD can be found in the information brochure for international students.

 Information on residence right for foreign university graduates can be found in the Brochure of the Ministry of the Interior. You can as well visit the Special- Info- Event (taking place every year, in German language) about "Residence right for employment for successful university graduates".