Accommodation Office

The primary task of the Accommodation Office is to support prospective international exchange and degree students of TUHH in finding accommodation when they are still abroad.

Application period for the summer semester 2020
27th October 2019 - 15th December 2019

Who can apply?

Exchange students from partner universities

New International Students of Bachelor Degrees and Master Degrees
Guest students, research students or Free-moverNO

What to apply for?

The Accommodation Office can offer you 2 kind of services:

  1. We can offer you a limited number of rooms in the student halls of Hamburg together with the Studierendenwerk Hamburg, they are called
    "Rooms for International Freshmen Program".
    They are only reserved for international TUHH students, who are nominated exchange students or international Bachelor- and Master-students. The number of rooms are limited, therefore every international student has to apply to it through our Mobility-Online portal.

  2. If you don't get a Freshmen Room, the Accommodation Office can help you in finding private accommodation.


Rooms for International Freshmen Program

In cooperation with the Studierendenwerk Hamburg the Accommodation Office can arrange a limited number of rooms in one of the three halls of residence in Harburg.
The Accommodation Office doesn't have any influence on the allocation of the rooms.

The Freshmen-rooms are organized in apartments for 2 to 6 international students, but every tenant has a single room. The rooms are fully furnished and equipped with Wifi. You share kitchen and bathrooms with the other tenants. The monthly rent is all-in. A Freshman-room costs around 330€. You have to pay a deposit of 400€.

For more details about the residences, please use the dropdown list on the Studierendenwerk homepage and search for: Triftstraße/Harburg/Schüttstraße or Harburger Häuser/Bunatwiete.

Please note: The price stated on the Studierendenwerk webpage is NOT VALID for a Freshman-room !

As the Freshman-program was designed to provide prospective TUHH international students with accommodation, while they are still abroad, the rental period for each Freshman-room is limited to the maximum of 1 year (always starting in September).
That means, if you apply for the summer semester, you can only rent the room from April 1st until the end of August. Only that way, many new TUHH international students can be provided with accommodation when they arrive here.

You can apply through the Accommodation Office for a Freshman-room during the application period for the upcoming semester, if you are entitled to get support and are not older than 29 years.

Private Accommodation

The Accommodation Office can also support you in finding a private room in Hamburg, if you didn't get a Freshmen room or if you don't want a Freshmen room. After your application has been accepted by us, you will receive a confirmation email and will be put on a waiting list.

In the best case, the Accommodation Office is able to send you a private room offer, which has been announced to us directly. The applicant has to get into contact with the landlady/landlord by herself/himself.

You will be notified of one offer at a time by email and will be given a deadline until which you have to respond to the Accommodation Office, if you take that offer or not. That’s why you have to check your email-account at least twice a week.

You should know that the private housing market in Hamburg, as well as in Harburg, is tense, especially if you intend to come for the winter semester.
Rooms are rare and hard to get and, much too often, quite expensive. Until you may find a private room, you should be prepared to spend some time in a hostel. That's why it is advisable not to be too choosy in the beginning of your stay here. When you have arrived in Hamburg, it is much easier for you to find an accommodation which suits your needs satisfyingly.

The average price for a furnished room here in Harburg is about 400€. If you move to one of the surrounding communities such as Lüneburg or Buxtehude accommodation is slightly cheaper. The private rooms that are usually announced to the Accommodation Office are furnished rooms in a family home. You share kitchen and bathroom together with the landlord or landlady.
In and around Harburg new, private student halls of residence have opened. The rooms there cost from 400€ up to 700€.

The Accommodation Office is no agency
and can only rely on a limited pool of private room offers. The landlords and landladies mostly inform us only on short notice, if they have a vacant room. Therefore it's absolutely necessary that you look for a place to stay for yourself as well. We have compiled useful information on renting.
You'll find them on the right under "FAQ'" in the side menue.


Contact details

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TUHH, International Office, Accommodation Office
Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 3
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On the Phone
Telephone: +49 40 42878-2707
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Aylin Kruse
Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 3, Room 0.055A

Office Hours: Mo 09:00 - 12:30 a.m., Tue+Thur 01:00 - 03:00 p.m.