Frequently Asked Questions


How can I participate in the graduate survey?
Every year in October, we write to our graduates of the penultimate graduation year (currently WS 2012/13 and SS 2013) and ask for a participation in the study. With this cover letter, graduates receive an access code (PIN) which allows you to participate in the online survey.

How is the online survey handled?

Use your access code for logging in to the anonymous online survey.

During the data collection phase of the survey, your answers will be saved in a database on a server of the university computer centre in Kassel. Data transmission is encrypted.

At the end of the online questionnaire you are asked for your willingness to participate in a follow-up survey in 3 to 4 years. If you agree to that, please enter your address data.

This address data will not be saved on a server of the university computer centre in Kassel, but is immediately transferred through an encrypted connection to INCHER-Kassel. Your address data will never be saved together with your questionnaire data in one file, keeping the questionnaire data anonymous at all times.

At the end of data collection the survey data will be processed at INCHER-Kassel and statistically analyzed in the framework of higher education and graduate research. Your university receives the anonymous survey data (that is, without name and address) for own analysis.

Which browsers are supported?

To our knowledge, all browsers capable of javascript are supported. However, for some browsers rendering of the questionnaire may differ.

Why do I have to enter an access code?

The access code ensures that only people participate in the survey that belong to the sample. It also allows you to quit the survey at any point and continue later by logging in again with your access code.

When is the data saved?

Data will only be saved when you leave a page, either by pressing the buttons "forward" or "back".

Can I correct my answers?

You can correct your answers at any point. Only the latest entry for each question will be saved in the database.

Can I continue the survey at a later point?

You can quit the survey at any point. If you continue at a later point all previous answers will be in the form.

Who can I address with further questions?

For further questions please contact Dr. Andreas Techen by telephone

(+0049-40-42878-3097) or by email (