Students Lecture Evaluation

Introduced in the winter semester of 1999/2000, the system for student evaluation of courses has offered students at the Hamburg University of Technology the opportunity to play an active part in continuously improving the quality of courses taught at the university.

In a period of several weeks shortly before the end of a semester, students can fill out questionnaires on their subjective perception of the quality of courses attended. Following the survey phase, these questionnaires are analyzed and the results are published within the university.

We want the process to be as transparent as possible. You will therefore find some important information on the following pages. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or suggestions.

What are the prerequisites for evaluation?

The evaluation of teaching is laid down in the TUHH’s quality assurance statutes. Participation is therefore obligatory for all university teachers.

What is evaluated?

At present, all courses at the TUHH that the course schedule shows as lectures, tutorials, seminars, laboratories or practical courses are to be evaluated. Language courses are not evaluated.