Online application

Before starting your application, you should check whether you meet all the eligibility criteria. For this please take time to read our application guidelines carefully.

Step 1: In order to get to the online application facility of the international Master's programs an online preliminary assessment test ("pre-check") of your academic qualifications is required and can be started here (December 1, 2017 - March 1, 2018):

Please refrain from entering your data more than once in our database. Duplicates will be deleted.

Step 2: After you have got access to our online application facility please enter the data needed (Step 2.1) and complete the application process by uploading (Step 2.2) the required documents and confirming (Step 2.3) your application. Note: The access to the online application facilitiy can be only get after you have passed the "pre-check" successfully.

Documents needed for the uploading process:
Curriculum vitae
Bachelor's degree certificate
Complete university transcript of record
Official explanation of the grading system
Proof of English

Please read the application guidelines intensely.

Step 3: Following your application your are obligated to check the processing status on our special online application portal in regular intervals. We do only communicate with you on this portal. Please click the button below for entering this portal.

The application deadline for the coming winter semester (start October 1, 2018) is March 1, 2018.

The deadline for submitting the necessary documents and confirming your application is March 1. We strongly recommend performing the “pre-check” at February 15 at the latest. You will get an answer within one week usually. If that answer projects a reasonable chance of gaining admission to study you should fill in the online application immediately and in due time. There is no need to send any documents by post in addition.