What will our world look like in the future?

Climate change, high energy and resource consumption, ecosystem disruptions and a steadily growing world population are the challenges that humanity is already facing today. What the world of tomorrow will look like thus depends crucially on the solutions we find in dealing with these developments.

What needs to be done and how can it be done?

The degree program "Green Technologies: Energy, Water, Climate" addresses precisely these questions. By combining specialist knowledge with technical and communication skills, we train engineers who think in an interdisciplinary and solution-oriented way. The focus is on "green" technologies for a sustainable, climate- and resource-friendly energy and water supply.

What can you expect during your studies?

With this study program, the TU Hamburg offers you an engineering education in the energy-water-climate nexus that is unique in Germany. For this purpose, the study program combines the competences of energy technology, process technology and sustainable supply and disposal engineering with natural science disciplines.

In the first three semesters, the focus is on learning the fundamentals of mathematics, mechanics, chemistry, computer science, thermodynamics, and meteorology and climate. As the program progresses, it is then expanded to include basic engineering subjects and the topics of regenerative energies as well as water supply and treatment. From the fourth semester onwards, you can choose a subject focus according to your personal interests. You can choose between the four specializations "Energy Systems", "Water", "Bioresource Technology" or "Energy Systems".

What are the follow-up options to the degree program?

With the bachelor's degree, you acquire your first academic degree that qualifies you for a profession and you become an engineer. You can already start your professional life.

And of course you can also start a master's degree. The specializations of the bachelor's program are arranged and coordinated in such a way that you are optimally prepared for further master's studies and a seamless transition to subsequent master's programs at the TU Hamburg is made possible.

In which professional fields can you work?

The study program Green Technologies: Energy, Water, Climate trains engineers for whom there will be a high demand today and in the future. The spectrum of employers ranges from engineering and planning offices, energy suppliers and water supply and disposal companies to industrial companies and public authorities, but also research institutions.

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Green Technologies: Energy, Water, Climate, you can continue your studies at the TUHH in:

–> Renewable Energy (M.Sc.)
–> Water and Environmental Engineering (M.Sc.)
–> Bioprocess Engineering (M.Sc.)
–> Energy Systems (M.Sc.)

–> Environmental Engineering (M.Sc.)
–> Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering (M.Sc.)

(an internationally oriented study program taught mainly in English)

(Each a 4 Semester Master of Science)

Important contact persons

Information on Study Program

At the Infothek you can obtain information on all aspects of your studies as well as a wide range of information material. If necessary, you can register here for the prospective student round or be referred to the department's advisors. You can reach your contact persons Ms. Köther and Ms. zur Borg at the following telephone number and email:

Phone: +49 40 428 78-2232, e-mail

Contact with Students

In addition to the AStA, or Students’ Union, the Process Engineering Student Council (Fachschaftsrat) is happy to provide information from the student’s viewpoint at www.tu-harburg.de/fsrv.

International Students – Studying Abroad

The International Office advises and supports international students. On the website of the International Office you will also find information about stays abroad for students of the TUHH. The TUHH welcomes and promotes the exchange of students. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the appropriate contact person.

Further Information

All modalities for admission to the bachelor's degree program in Green Technologies: Energy, Water, Climate are regulated in the statutes governing the program. The Technical University of Hamburg conducts an online application procedure in the bachelor's degree programs. Criteria for admission are the Abitur grade and the subject grades in mathematics from the last four semesters. Admission to the 1st semester is only for the winter semester. The application period is from May to July 15. The requirements for admission and the details of the procedure can be found here.

Another admission requirement is a 10-week basic internship, the contents of which are regulated in the basic internship regulations. Although proof of the internship is not mandatory until the fourth semester, it is strongly recommended - for both content-related and organizational reasons - to complete it before taking up the studies.

The framework conditions for examinations at the TUHH are defined by the General Study and Examination Regulations (ASPO) and the Subject-Specific Study and Examination Regulations (FSPO). The Module Handbook describes the concrete design of the modules provided for in the curriculum and their learning objectives. They also provide information on content, recommended prior knowledge and literature for preparation.

All study program related regulations can be found here.

The basic conditions of TUHH examinations are regulated by The General Provisions (ASPO) and the current regulation and course plan (FPSO).