Course Syllabus

Information and Media TechnologiesThe program comprises a set of courses which address four more specific areas of the subject:





Module Semester ECTS
Speciality Module the Elective Technical Courses
Subject Module I: Software Systems (14 ECTS)
Verified Software Systems15
Software for Embedded Systems25
Software Analysis24
Software Security34
Subject Module II: Media Technologies (13 ECTS)
Digital Video Signal Coding13
Computer Graphics and Animation25
Media Design24
Multimedia Information Extraction and Retrieval24
3D Computer Vision23
Digital Image Processing34
Digital Audio Signal Processing33
Subject Module III: Networking (8 ECTS)
Communication Networks I: Principles14
Analysis and Structure of Communication Networks26
Network Security24
Subject Module IV: Applications (8 ECTS)
Web Engineering15
Application Security24
Foundations of Machine Learning and Data Mining24
Pattern Recognition24
Intelligent Autonomous Agents34
Project Seminar36
Business and Management (6 ECTS)
Business and Management1-32
Business and Management1-32
Business and Management1-32
Non-Technical Complementary Courses (Es sind Module im Umfang von mind. 6 ECTS zu wählen)
German as a Foreign Language11-34
1 4 ECTS points compulsory for non-native speakers of German or for students without DSH certificate or equivalent TEST DAF result, respectively; placement according to placement test.
Non-Technical Complementary Course1-32
Non-Technical Complementary Course1-32
Non-Technical Complementary Course1-32
Subject Related Seminar
Seminar: Information Security2-32
Seminar: Selected Topics in Communication Networking2-32
Seminar: Microwave Engineering2-32
Seminar: Selected Topics in Telecommunications2-32
Seminar: Parallel Computing2-32
Project Work
Project Work315
Master Thesis
Master Thesis430

More detailed information on the individual courses can be obtained by clicking at them in the list given above.

As a prospective applicant you should carefully check whether or not you meet the requirements requested; if not, an application is not recommended.

Social skills

Special emphasis is given to training which prepares young engineers to work in teams and in an international environment.

Project Work

The project work is a two- to three-month full-time activity. Under the supervision of a university lecturer the student will be introduced to practical problems and scientific working methods. The project work can be performed at the TUHH, at an external institution which is not part of the university or abroad.

Master's Thesis

The master course is concluded with the master's thesis. Here students are expected to show that they are able to tackle a scientific problem without much guidance within a maximum period of six months. The master's thesis can be performed at the TUHH or at an institution which is not part of the university. In any case it is supervised by a university lecturer of TUHH.

Educational Methods

Lectures on the fundamental principles of each subject are given by professors. Tuto-rials concentrating on solving basic and applied problems as well as laboratory work in smaller groups are given by teaching and research assistants. Further support is provided by student's tutorials. Some 20 to 25 hours a week are scheduled as supervised instruction, and a similar additional amount of time is estimated to be needed for individual study. Courses are given in English language.


A click provides you with a self-test. This test gives you a feeling for the type of knowledge we expect from you when applying for our master programme. Passing the test with a score of better than 90 % is a necessary condition to have a reasonable chance of successful studies in our programme. Please do not apply if you identify severe lacks in your knowledge!

Course Coordinator

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Timm-Giel

Telephone: (++49 40) 42878 3049
Telefax: (++49 40) 42878 2941

Email: timm-giel(at)

Please inquire with study(at) regarding the admission requirements and application procedure.

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