Studying with Impairment*

Prospective students and students usually face special questions and challenges in choosing a degree program and when taking up and completing their studies. This also applies to prospective students and students with a disability, a chronic illness or similar impairment.*

The Student Counseling Center of TUHH aims at enabling all students to participate in studies and in student life as independently as possible and with equal opportunities. You are welcome to seek advice on this issue during our consultation hours. If you cannot visit our consultation hours, you may also make use of our phone consultation or contact our Infothek by mail or e-mail.
(Due to the current pandemic situation, counseling is presently only possible by phone or videotelephone, with the exception of cases of crisis or emergency.)

The following pages help to find relevant sources of information and support as well as institutions and contact persons:

Explanatory video clips of the Hamburg Network Studying and Impairment
on the following issues:

  • Studying with impairments in Hamburg?!
  • Students with impairment in Hamburg
    Are you one of them?
  • Study orientation in Hamburg
    What should be clarified?
    Does the impairment matter?
  • Application and admission at Hamburg state universities
    Can you improve your chances of admission?
  • Getting started with your studies
  • Compensation of disadvantages in course achievements and exams
  • Application for compensation of disadvantages
  • Withdrawing from exams

one for all: The Student Survey in Germany
by DZHW, Uni Konstanz, DSW and BMBF
including a survey on "studying with impairment"
Virtual  nationwide orientation event for blind and visually handicapped prospective students
at the Study Center for Visually Impaired Persons
of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
October 11-13, 2021
Infopage Corona-Virus for people with a handicap
by the Aktion Mensch charity organisation
Mental Health in "times of Corona"
Tips by the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA)
Exemption from the compulsory mask requirement
List of the regulations of the Federal States ("Länder")
provided by the Aktion Mensch charity organisation
Topical news service on disability politics
by the Association for the Internet-based Cooperation of Disabled Persons (kobinet)
Kino für alle (Cinema for everyone)
by the German Association of Blind and Visually Handicapped Persons


* If you are in doubt as to whether you have an impairment that is relevant to your
  studies, you may find further information here.