Your weekly companion while starting your studies at the TUHH

How should I continue after welcome week???
                                                         For this, we got StartING@TUHH:
                                                         the best and easiest way
                                                         to get started at TUHH!

It can be quite challenging in the beginning, can't it? The tutorial program StartING@TUHH designed by the student counseling center at TUHH (Zentrale Studienberatung, ZSB) helps with your starting progress at TUHH and assists you to get around with the new and complex "university life". It is not only very practical to get started, but you may also learn about things that help you during your entire academic career!

Registration for StartING@TUHH will probably be possible from Ocotber 7th 2021. We will keep you informed here.

What is StartING@TUHH and how can it help me?

StartING@TUHH is a tutorial in permanent and small groups of you and other students from your course of studies. You get to know new people you can interchange, learn and have fun with. Usually, this is a place where many new friendships form!

Especially in times of Corona, it has a bigger importance than ever. StartING@TUHH may bolster you up so that you are not alone with all your questions that may result from this new step in your life.

The tutorial is held by two experienced and specially trained tutors which are also TUHH students from a higher semester. They can refer to their own experiences, give tips or help with concrete questions and difficulties. For Engineering Science (ES), there will be a tutorial held in English, but you may also join a German-speaking tutorial group for AIW & ES.

The tutorial sessions will be held weekly - like a seminar - throughout your first semester at TUHH, but the contacts and friendships you build will help you much longer.
In case the evolution of the pandemic allows it, the tutorials will be held in person from the first week of November until the end of January. Naturally, all safety requirements will be met.

What is the content of the program?

StartING@TUHH is a progressively developed program that contains all the important information necessary for a successful start at TUHH. Some of the tutorials will be about:

  • Who do I ask, who do I need to know? Where do I find those contact persons?
  • How do I plan my schedule?
  • How do I manage my time during the semester and in the exam period?
  • How do I prepare for my first exams? How do I write a cheat sheet?
  • What kind of research is done at TUHH?
  • What else can I do? Studying abroad, Internships, spare time activities ....
  • What specifications are there for ES and what fits for me?

    ..... And much more!!!

What do previous StartING@TUHH participants say?
"I got to know many nice people from my course of study I formed a study group with. Besides that, I got a lot of useful information and had a lot of fun!"
"I felt supported and not alone with my problems."
"I recommend StartING@TUHH because I got answers to questions I didn't even know I had!"