Relief services in cases of crisis outside our consultation hours

Sometimes a contact to the student crisis helpline of the Protestant Student Association (ESG) in Hamburg can help to resolve or bridge a difficult situation. The student crisis helpline is available each day from 20:00 hrs to 24:00 hrs at the phone number +49 40 411 70 411.

Another contact point is the university pastor Gisela Groß-Ikkache:

The crisis helpline "Telefonseelsorge" offers counseling around the clock, throughout Germany, anonymously and free of charge by phone, e-mail or chat:

Health care in cases of psychiatric crisis is generally the responsibility of local resident doctors ("niedergelassene Ärzte"). If these are not available, you may instead refer to the public socio-psychiatric services ("Sozialpsychiatrischer Dienst") of the local health authorities ("Gesundheitsamt") or to the psychiatric walk-in clinic ("Psychiatrische Ambulanz") of the local hospitals or to a psychosocial counseling service ("Psychosoziale Beratungsstelle"). The relevant contact details are available in the Therapy Directory of the Hamburg Ministry of Health and Social Affairs:

Information on relief services in mental stress situations is also available on the web portal

The medical emergency service ("Ärztlicher Notfalldienst") in Hamburg is available at the phone number +49 40 22 80 22.

These relief services are open to everyone, irrespective of nationality, culture, ideology or religion.