1. Which Examination Regulations apply to me?

The Examination Regulations / Subject-Specific Examination Regulations for your study program that are in force when you begin your studies. You can find them at: https://www.tuhh.de/tuhh/studium/studieren/pruefungsordnungen.html

If you have questions about your curriculum, contact your study program director.


2. When are the deadlines for registering for examinations?

The two-week registration periods are always in the first two weeks of December and the first two weeks of June. The Examinations Office will notify you by e-mail of the respective registration periods.


3. Where can I find out about current examination dates and rooms?


Please check regularly as there may be changes at short notice.


4. How do I register for or cancel my registration for examinations?

You register or cancel your registration for graded examinations online via the self-service portal. Please see your Examination Regulations to find the exact deadlines.


5. Automatic registration for re-examinations.

With effect from the beginning of the winter semester 2017/18, the Academic Senate has decided to amend the General Regulations of the Study and Examination Regulations for the Bachelor and Master Courses (ASPO), according to which a failed exam need not be repeated in the next examination period. This decision eliminates the automatic registration for re-examination.

Exception: Compulsory exams of the first semester which have not been passed are exempted from this change and must continue to be repeated during the next examination period (Bachelor degree programs only). For these compulsory exams an automatic registration for the re-examination takes place.


6. I am having problems with registering for an examination online. Who can I contact?

Please contact the User Service Center: servicedesk@tu-harburg.de


7. Can I withdraw from an examination for which I have registered?

You may only withdraw from examinations for which you have registered on the following conditions:

-          It is possible to withdraw for a recognized good reason (e.g. illness) (ASPO §20). Proof thereof (e.g. a doctor’s certificate in the event of illness) must be submitted in good time.

-          It is only possible to withdraw from an examination without giving reasons up to 2 days before the examination (ASPO §4)


8. What must I do if I fall ill on the day of the examination and cannot take the examination?

If you fall ill on the day of an examination you must immediately contact a doctor to certify the illness. Fill out the form “Erforderliche Daten zum Erfassen eines ärztlichen Attestes” and enclose a medical certificate. You must hand in both forms to the Central Examination Office within three working days (ASPO §20 (2))


9.    I was demonstrably ill but still took the examination.

Anyone who takes an examination thereby declares that he or she is capable of doing so. Anyone who misjudges him- or herself must take the consequences. However, someone who realizes during an examination that he or she is not fit to do so for health reasons must tell the supervisor and the Examination Office directly.


10.    I suffer from exam nerves.

Exam nerves are (unfortunately) a common phenomenon. Exam nerves are not a reason for being unable to take an examination. Please note the services on offer from Student Counseling.


11. I have a chronic illness that impairs my ability to take examinations.

Chronic illnesses are not a reason for being unable to take an examination. However, chronic illness may be recognized as an obstacle and on application may result in compensation for the disadvantage. This will be decided by the relevant Examination Board.
For further information you may visit: https://www.tuhh.de/alt/tuhh/education/contacts/student-counseling-center/studying-with-impairment.html


12. I am taking medication and have an upcoming examination.

Whether or not to take the examination is your decision. You must ask your doctor to explain the effects of the medication. If he or she confirms that it limits your ability to take the exam, report sick (and provide the necessary evidence to the Examination Office). If you take the exam you are declaring yourself fit to do so.


13. I want to complete my project report – what must I take into account?

Please note that ASPO §23 refers to project reports in various ways, e.g. as a project report, a research project, or a research project and seminar.

In the case of a research project and seminar, the seminar and project report do not necessarily have to be completed in the same institute. You do not need to register for a project report in accordance with ASPO §23 and your FSPO. The examiner will notify the Examinations Office of your grade. You can find the form to be used for this purpose  at:



14. I want to register for my Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis. How do I go about it?

You can find information about all aspects of the final thesis at:



15. What do I do if I fall ill while working on my final thesis?

Submit to the Examinations Office a doctor’s certificate and a written application for an extension of the time allowed. The time allowed will then be extended in line with the number of days’ sickness.


16. How can I have exam passes credited?

You will find information about the crediting of exam passes in ASPO § 11. You can find the appropriate application form at:



17. Can I have low grades for individual modules “deleted” from the calculation of my overall grade?

If you have taken more examinations in elective compulsory subjects than the curriculum requires, crediting will be based on the grades obtained for the individual examinations. The exam passes with the best grades will be credited to the extent required. The “surplus” results will the lower grades will be recorded as additional work and these grades will not be included in the calculation of your overall grade (ASPO §22 (6)).


18. Can I take Master’s modules while I am studying for my Bachelor?

If you can provide evidence of 156 credit points, you can study master modules up to a maximum of 30 credit points (ASPO §11 (10)). The registration of advanced master modules is also possible in many cases online. In the case of errors or problems, please contact the resposible person in the Examinations Office directly for the registration within the examination registration period.


19. Can I take modules / examinations that are not in my curriculum?

If you complete work that does not form part of your curriculum, this will be recorded as additional work on your performance overview or certificate. It is not possible to register for examinations in additional subjects, but you should inform your Examinations Office of your intention (to take an additional module). The grades and credit points for additional modules are not included in the calculation of your overall grade.


20.  The grade registered is incorrect.

Grades are registered by the relevant Examiner. The relevant Examination Office receives a list of grades that is signed by the Examiner, whose signature confirms the correctness of the grades entered in the grade recording system.

However, mistakes can still happen. In that case, please contact the Examiner directly. If appropriate, he or she can arrange for a correction.


21.   Enrollment, transfers, de-registration, leave of absence, etc.

Only Student Services can answer questions about enrolment, transfers, de-registration, leave of absence, etc.

Please take note of the Student Services pages and take time to read them through. They may answer many of your questions.