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Welcome to the homepage of the Institute of Technical Microbiology at Hamburg University of Technology.

This homepage will inform you on our activities regarding education and research. It will also give you an insight into the fascinating world of extremophiles. These microorganisms thrive in the most demanding and extreme ecological niches on Earth.

Our research is dedicated to life under extreme conditions. We aim to isolate, characterize and apply extremophilic microorganisms which can grow at temperatures from the freezing point of water up to 103 °C, at pH values lower than 4 or higher than 9 or at salt concentrations of up to 30%.

Biocatalysts from extremophilic microorganisms will lead to the development of innovative environmetal-friendly processes and products. The efficient bioconversion of renewable resources will significatly contribute to sustainable white biotechnology.

You are invited to take a look at our research activities and to learn more about the huge biotechnological potential of extremophilic microorganisms and their biocatalysts


Garo Antranikian