Alexander Povel, M.Sc.

Alex Povel Portrait

University of Technology Hamburg
Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics (M-21)
D-21073 Hamburg

Location: Building K, Room 2542

Tel.: +49 40 42878-4919


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Prior work:

  • Master Thesis:
    Extension and Optimization of a Calculation Method for the Prediction of the Dynamic Behaviour of Turbochargers
    Department of Marine Engineering, TUHH
  • Project Thesis:
    One-Dimensional Turbocharger-Modelling With Focus on Code Optimization in MATLAB/Simulink and Investigation of Approaches to Loss Modelling
    Department of Marine Engineering, TUHH
  • Bachelor Thesis:
    Optimal Positioning of Fins Inside a Cylindrical Latent Heat Energy Storage System Around a Laminar Pipe Flow With Water
    Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics, TUHH
  • Tutor for Engineering Thermodynamics I and II at the Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics, TUHH
  • Tutor for the advanced mechanical design project at the Institute of Product Development and Mechanical Engineering Design, TUHH
  • Student assistant for the operation of test rigs for the analysis of oil-elastomer-pairings at the Institute of Modelling and Computation
  • Student assistant for the typesetting of academic books in LaTeX, i.a.
    • G. Schmitz: Wärmetechnik (2020)
    • G. Schmitz: Technische Thermodynamik (2017)
    • H. Herwig: Strömungsmechanik (2016)