Alexander Povel, MSc.


Alex Povel Portrait

Prior Work

  • Master Thesis: Extension and Optimization of a Calculation Method for the Prediction of the Dynamic Behaviour of Turbochargers - Department of Marine Engineering, TUHH
  • Engineering Thermodynamics I and II - Tutor - Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics, TUHH
  • Advanced mechanical design project - Tutor - Institute of Product Development and Mechanical Engineering Design, TUHH
  • Oil-elastomer combinations analysis - Student Assistant - Institute of Modelling and Computation, TUHH
  • LaTeX textbook typesetting - Student Assistant - Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics, TUHH
    • G. Schmitz: Thermische Energiesysteme (2020)
    • G. Schmitz: Technische Thermodynamik (2017)
    • H. Herwig: Strömungsmechanik (2016)