Programms used at the institute:
Name Description Operating system
Modelica / Dymola Object-oriented Multidomain Modeling Language
Linux, Windows
TransiEnt Library Dynamic Simulation of complex energy systems with a high share of renewable energy Linux, Windows
Fluent CFD
COMSOL Software for multi-physics simulation
Linux, Windows
Matlab / Simulink Software for technical computing
Linux, Windows

Measurement Technology

Remark: Only the most important measurement technology is listed

  • temperature measurement
    • thermography system for contactless temperature measurement: infratec Varioscan 3021 ST
    • spectral pyrometer for contactless temperature measurement, measurement range: 0...100 °C, 100...500 °C: Heimann
  • flow measurement technology
    • particle Image Velocimetry (2D): LaVision with instalation for traversion
    • laser-Doppler anemometer (2D): tsi with instalation for traversion
    • laser-Doppler anemometer (1D): Dantec / invent with instalation for traversion
    • heated wire anemometer: Dantec (2D) for measuring velocity and turbulence
    • heated wire anemometer: Airflow TA-2
  • emission measurement technology
    • nitrogen oxides, Chemielumineszenz: ZES CLD 700 EL/ht
    • hydrocarbons, FID, BERNATH 3006
    • carbonmonoxide, IR, carbondioxid, IR: ROSEMOUNT BINOS 100 2M
    • oxigen, paramagnetism: ROSEMOUNT OXYNOS 100
  • miscellaneous
    • Lauda-Compact (Ölbad Lauda KP 20) for calibration of Thermoelements 20...250 °C
    • calibrational wind tunnel up to 20 m/s and 180 °C
    • precision balance (Sartorius E 5500 S) 0...5500 g accurate to 0,1 g

Test Facility

  • wind tunnel for analysis of air flow around component parts (3 D)
    • Göttinger Design with open measuring section
    • measuring cross section ca. 1.2 m x 1.4 m, measuring length ca. 1.5 m
    • flow rate, variable 0 - 12 m/s
  • air conditioning / climatic chamber for different interior air condition
  • heater for determination of heat transmission coefficient