Information on submitting Bachelor's and Master's theses

  • Do I have the opportunity to personally deposit my thesis in the mailbox in the entrance area?
    Yes, you can deposit your thesis in the mailbox at building E. The mailbox will be emptied several times a day.

    The mailbox is located next to entrance I of building E.

    Please note that you cannot put envelopes into this mailbox which have a thickness of more than 4cm. You may have to insert your theses individually.
  • Is it possible to deposit my thesis personally in a post box of the examination office at the university (as I will be there anyway to print my thesis)?
    Unfortunately, the employees of the post offices are not authorized to accept and forward the work.
  • Is it possible to send the thesis as registered mail if no one is on site?
    All mail arrives at the central mailroom and is then distributed. This includes registered mail. There are employees from the Examination Office on site, so that registered mail can be received via the post office.
  • Is the following address correct for postal delivery? Technische Universität Hamburg - Zentrales Prüfungsamt, Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 3, 21073 Hamburg
  • Does the postmark count as the date of submission or the actual arrival of the thesis?
    As is the case with doctor´s certificates and applications, the date of arrival at the Examination Office counts as the date of submission. However, as long as the TUHH is in in regular operation under pandemic conditions, an additional extension of 4 days will be granted due to the postal delivery duration for a timely arrival. Example: Deadline for submission is June 8, 2020; if the arrival at the Examination Office takes place up to and including June 12, 2020, this will be accepted as being in due time.

Information on registering for an oral supplementary exam (MEP)

Can I apply for a supplemental oral exam despite the free attempt rule?
Yes, the right to take an oral supplementary examination (MEP) according to section § 24 ASPO also applies under the free attempt regulation. Admission to a MEP is granted by the Central Examination Office and can be requested via email at the person in charge of your degree program.

If the MEP will not be passed the complete exam will be failed. It will not be counted as a free attempt.