Profiles for Non-technical Courses



Non-technical courses are divided into thematic specialisations – “Profiles



Non-technical Courses (NTA), Chair Prof. Kuchta



Profiles (person responsible for profile)


Class examples

Current affairs and ethics (Prof. Jarchow)


Ethics for engineers.
Politics and science.


Art, design, architecture (Prof. Jarchow)


Art from the Middle Ages to today.
The Hamburg warehouse district – from engineering to a World Heritage Site.


Media and the digital age (Prof. Jarchow)


Digital culture(s). From the sub-culture to the media mainstream.


Communication culture (Prof. Jarchow)


Intercultural communication.
Staying calm in conflict situations. Non-violent communication according to M. Rosenberg.


Society, work, communication (Prof. Kuchta)


Society in flux.
Management and communication.


Migration and society (Prof. Kuchta)


Guest, barbarian or equal subject? “The refugee” throughout the history of “Western” political ideas.


International communication (Prof. Ringle)


Foreign language course.
Intercultural management – theoretical principles and awareness training.


Sustainability (Prof. Kuchta)


Environmental policies and sustainability.
Cradle to cradle: material cycles.


Teaching and learning (Prof. Kautz)


Organizing teaching using the example of Blue Engineering.
Engineering education – research and application.


Operations and management (Prof. Meyer)


Global innovation management.
Law for engineers.


Entrepreneurship and start-up management (Prof. Lüthje)


Start-up management.
Start-up engineering I-II.


History of nature and technology (Prof. Kuchta)


Natural sciences in literature and film.
Artificial intelligence and robotics. Historical development and current situation.



Profile-independent course (Prof. Kuchta, p.p.)



Scientific work.