Accessing seminars


Dear students,

the registration period for Non-technical Courses starts on 24.09.2021 in Stud IP.

The procedure:

1. Course selection and lottery (24.09. - 04.10.)

2. Registration for remaining places (04.10. - 17.10.)

For registration (from 24.09.), please go to





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 Here you will find the "Guidelines for students" on the place allocation procedure for Non-technical Courses.


Process for the place allocation procedure:


For TUHH students, Non-technical Courses are accessed via the Stud.IP e-learning platform. You will receive a personal email detailing registration times and the place allocation procedure. It is possible to register for individual Non-technical Courses on Stud.IP under the corresponding class titles. You can send enquiries to lecturers directly from here.

Students can use their TUHH ID to access the Stud.IP platform:

Please note: Information about the classes listed in Stud.IP is solely the responsibility of the lecturers providing the information.

Note for first semester students (Bachelor's): The 6 required credit points apply for the entire Bachelor's degree, which means you can ease into the first semester and then concentrate on taking NTC courses from the second semester onwards; however, it is also possible to take an Non-technical Course in the first semester.