It is part of the MST Deanery's self-image that teaching and research are inseparably linked to business practice. In university teaching, close interaction with professional practice is an important quality feature for us, as it promotes situated learning, which helps students come to grips with abstract knowledge. We therefore consider different forms of practical integration, for example, guest lectures, project work in cooperation with companies, excursions or evening events with companies. However, there is much to be said for accepting that the usefulness of practical knowledge in academic education can only be fully exploited if it is not only incidental and case by case but is introduced systematically and in a goal-oriented/strategic manner. The goal of our Dean's Office is, therefore, to create specific practice integration paths within the study programs and also between consecutive study programs in order to systematically establish collaboration with companies within the next few years. This should, for example, counter the problem of students having to attend to many practical elements at the end of the master's programs. Furthermore, students could make good use of these  practice integration paths for their orientation or theoretical understanding, especially at the beginning of the bachelor's program.

The MST Deanery offers companies, authorities, and associations a number of cooperation-in-teaching possibilities:

  • Company representatives giving guest lectures on specific topics, procedures, or industry peculiarities in the context of lectures;
  • Offer of practice-oriented theses (at bachelor's and master's level), which are written in cooperation with companies;
  • Offer of project work during the semester, which solves a practical problem of actually utilizing scientific methods and procedures;
  • Introducing concrete practical examples in the context of problem-based learning events, which are designed to help students understand abstract principles;
  • Excursion possibilities as well as company or factory tours;
  • Offer of internships; and
  • Provide students with the opportunity to elaborate a business idea within the framework of a three-month project supervised by the MST (research, elaboration, further development of a still vague business idea).

We would be delighted if you would like to participate in the training of our future engineers. Please contact our Deanery for suggestions or inquiries.

Furthermore, the MST Deanery offers a range of cooperative research opportunities, from small individual projects to method consulting and doctoral projects. Research cooperations are often formed directly through the institutes of the MST. Of course, you can also contact the Deanery directly. We will be more than happy to assist you, and provide further information.