Presentation of a Bachelor´s Thesis at 2019-03-11, 10 am, in Room 1582, M

Name of the SpeakerTitel of the Thesis
Timon StreeseAbout the Development of ENEV to  Triple Zero® Princip in the Housing IndustryBachelor




Presentation of a Bachelor`s Thesis at 2019-03-21, at 11 am, Room M 1582

Name of the SpeakerTitel of the Thesis
Gabriel MarcDetection of microdefects in fatigue-critical bending girder using the nonlinear acoustic Vibromodulations MethodBachelor

An active field of research of our institute is "Metal and Metal-Oxide Film Deposition".

Dr. Rutner and Dr. Störmer (Helmholzzentrum Geesthacht) guest edit a special issue of the international scientific journal "Metals".


We invite you to contribute a scientific article to this special issue.

Deadline for manuscript submission is March 20, 2019.


You can find more information using this link: