IUTAM Symposium on Optimal Design and Control of Multibody Systems, July 18-21, 2022

Scope and Objectives

In recent years many researchers have addressed the optimal structural design and control design of rigid and flexible multibody systems. Using the adjoint approach it is, for instance, possible to perform large-scale topology optimizations to find body designs that are optimal with respect to the time- and design-dependent loads. However, there remain many open questions and challenges for the efficient modeling, analysis, optimization, and control, also with the focus for real-time applications or artificial intelligence aspects. For example, despite increasing computational power, the structural optimization of flexible components of multibody systems is still extremely time consuming. In particular, providing accurate sensitivity is a complex and costly task. The optimal design of feedforward and feedback controls of flexible multibody systems is currently the subject of research and scientific discussion. Also, integrated optimization approaches, which consider both the structural and the control design, have not yet been adequately addressed, even though they promise great improvements.

The aim of this IUTAM symposium is bringing together researchers who deal with various aspects of the sensitivity analysis, optimization, and optimal control of multibody systems. This interdisciplinary nature of the symposium should enable an exchange of valuable information and also lead to fruitful discussions about optimal structural design and control design. While the main focus of this symposium is on the development of efficient methods and procedures, practical applications as well as implementation and numerical issues are also welcomed.

Important Dates

Will be announced soon.

Organization Committee

  • Alexander Held (TUHH)
  • Karin Nachbagauer (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria)
  • Robert Seifried (TUHH)