Welcome to the Institute of Mechanics and Ocean Engineering

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Seifried


The Institute of Mechanics and Ocean Engineering at the Hamburg University of Technology was founded on October 1st, 1982 by Professor Dr.-Ing. Oskar Mahrenholtz. Since 1988 the Institute is located in the building M at Eißendorfer Straße 42. From 1996 until 2012 the institute was managed by Professor Dr.-Ing. Edwin Kreuzer. Since October 1st of 2014 Professor Dr.-Ing. Robert Seifried is head of the institute. Since the foundation all aspects of structural mechanics and especially the consideration of fluid-structure-interactions have been important fields of work of the institute. Over the years more fields of research have been added, in particular multibody dynamics, active systems, contact mechanics and structural optimization. For most TUHH students the institute is responsible for teaching mechanics, and is offering the lectures Mechanics I, III, and IV.