FIS II - Research Information System III (Forschungs-Informations-System II)

The Research Information System (FIS) is a scientifically based information portal on the topics of transport, mobility and urban development, available at The MLS provides technical and editorial support for knowledge maps and their synthesis reports in the field of "Freight Transport and Logistics, Maritime Transport and Inland Navigation". Since the conclusion of FIS II, the contents have been further developed in the FIS III project.

LWP - Diurnal Variation Forecast of Truck Waiting Times at Logistical Nodes

Peak loads in the truck handling of logistics nodes lead to strongly fluctuating waiting times for arriving vehicles and prevent optimal truck scheduling by transporters. However, measures to reduce waiting times at logistics nodes are largely beyond the reach of haulage companies. The two-year research project continued here and pursued the goal of developing a learning forecast model that takes into account daily influences on truck waiting times and combines them with the use of a pre-registration and incentive system. [more]