Current Projects at the Institute of Maritime Logistics

The Institute of Maritime Logistics is currently working on the following four research projects of different funding agencies:

FIS IV - Research Information System IV (Forschungs-Informations-System IV)

The Research Information System (FIS) is a scientifically based information portal on the topics of transport, mobility and urban development, available at The MLS provides technical and editorial support for 11 knowledge maps and their approximately 280 synthesis reports in the field of "freight transport and logistics, maritime transport and inland navigation". [more]

GENERATING - Development and Integration of an Adaptive Exercise Generator for Technical Topics Based on Artificial Intelligence

The project GENERATING aims to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) based adaptive task generator for technical and engineering courses at the Hamburg University of Technology. A prototype will be implemented in the existing learning management system (LMS) of the TUHH and will be applied in two teaching modules.[more]

I³-Junior Project

Within the project the Institute of Technical Logistics and the Institute of Maritime Logistics work together on the development of a prototype for the simulation of multi-user training scenarios for the maritime sector based on a motion capture system. [more]

I³-Lab Business Analytics

The objective of this project is to collectively examine both the optimization potential and the strategic risks of using business analytics in maritime logistics from the perspective of various disciplines. Due to the interdisciplinary and innovative object of research, an I3-Lab offers an optimal structure for these questions. [more]

Reference Process Model for IT System Integration for Cargo Handling Terminals

The aim of this research project is to develop an IT reference model especially tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the field of application of cargo handling terminals. This should support the terminals in independently carrying out a systematic further development of their IT and process landscape. [more]